Nov 10 2021 LeSportsac x Pokémon
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LeSportsac, a brand from New York, has launched a new collection called: LeSportsac x Pokémon and features Pokémon and it will go on sale on Wednesday, November 17th, 2021. The lineup includes a metallic gold bag with an image of Pikachu to add color to the holiday season. High resolution product pictures from the press release have been added to an Imageboard thread.

Under the theme of "Let's dress up", this special collection matches LeSportsac's colorful and pop image with the cuteness of Pokémon, including a metallic gold bag with the image of Pikachu, a monogram pattern, and a dot pattern featuring many pixel art Pokémon.

Gold Pikachu (ゴールド ピカチュウ)

Image Image

The design is made of metallic gold patent fabric, reminiscent of Pikachu's Electric Shock. It comes with a detachable charm of Pikachu's tail.
Left [Emerald Tote LP] H38 x W33 cm - 15,400 yen
Right [Aria Crossbody LP] H23×W17×D12cm - 18,700 yen
All 4 models available

Pokémon and Flowers (ポケモン アンド フラワーズ)

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The design features 16 pixel-art Pokémon and items from the game, such as monster balls, scattered like dots on a navy-colored base.

Pokémon that appear: Fushigidane, Hitokage, Zenigame, Pikachu, Pippi, Purin, Nyarth, Koduck, Yadon, Gangar, Lucky, Metamon, Eievui, Kabigon, Mew, and Pochama.

Left [Deluxe Everyday Bag] H25×W36×D14cm - 22,000 yen
Middle [Small Sloan Cosmetic] H10×W13×D5cm - 3,850 yen
Right [Mini phone crossbody] H19×W11×D4cm - 7,150 yen
All 15 models available

Pikachu Monogram (ピカチュウ モノグラム)

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A monogram pattern with the image of Pikachu's tail. This is an original LeSportsac print designed for this collection. It depicts Pikachu in various poses, a female Pikachu, and a monster ball. The LeSportsac logo and inner fabric are in Pikachu-inspired yellow, and the design allows you to fully enjoy the cuteness of Pikachu.

Left [Deluxe Easy Carry Tote] H32×W44×D13cm - 11,550yen
Middle [Tech Wallet wristlet] H10×W20×D2cm - 11,880 yen
Right [Daniela Crossbody] H16×W21×D8cm - 9,900 yen
All 13 models available

Pikachu Monogram Tote (ピカチュウ モノグラムトート)

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This tote bag features a large female Pikachu in a monogram pattern that resembles Pikachu's tail. The design features a cute winking Pikachu expression, and is large enough to hold A4-size paper.
Emerald Tote] H38 x W33cm - 12,100 yen

3 Pokémon Pouches (3ポケモン ポーチ)


A series of three pouches featuring pixel art designs of Fushigidane, Hitokage, and Zenigame. The straps are detachable, and the large, medium, and small pouches can each be used separately.
Wristlet Pouch Set] S: H10 x W15cm, M: H12 x W17cm, L: H14.5 x W20cm - 8,800 yen

Pokémon Pink Pouch(ポケモン ピンク ポーチ)


A square pouch with a dynamic pixel art illustration of Pikachu and Pochama. The back side has a cute back design.
MED Square Cosmetic] H13 x W14 x D6 cm - 5,280 yen

Pokémon Purple Pouch (ポケモン パープル ポーチ)


A square shaped pouch with a dynamic pixel art illustration of Gangar and Purin The back side has a cute back design.
MED Square Cosmetic] H13 x W14 x D6 cm - 5,280 yen

Novelty Gift - Original Bandana


Customers who purchase more than 17,000 yen (including tax) from the "LeSportsac×Pokémon" collection at the official online store and LeSportsac stores nationwide will receive an original bandana. The number is limited and will end as soon as they are gone.

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