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In celebration of its 75th anniversary in 2021, STAR JEWELRY and Pokémon have collaborated on a new line of jewelry to be released on December 1st, 2021! Pokémon also celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. The concept is "Pokémon meets craftsmanship". A total of 10 types of jewelry will be available at STAR JEWELRY stores nationwide in Japan and the official online store. High resolutions images of the products in this collaboration have been added to an Imageboard thread.


The collection includes authentic jewelry made of 18k yellow gold and 10k yellow gold with diamonds and Akoya pearls. The Star Jewelry official website will release a special page and a special movie for the collection on November 26th, 2021.

The theme of the jewelry design

The jewelry based on the concept of "Diamond and Pearl". Designs in the shape of Pikachu, lightning bolts and monster balls. With the release of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the latest in the Pokémon series of video games, in November, they designed jewelry using diamonds and Akoya pearls.

Pikachu, its tail, lightning bolts, and monster balls will be used as motifs to uniquely express the world view.

The uniquely designed necklaces and bracelets feature Pikachu's tail icon on Akoya pearls, lightning bolt-shaped plates asymmetrically arranged, and Pikachu plates as end plates. The design tells a story as if the lightning bolts are flowing after Pikachu runs away.

Five types of trendy ear jewelry are also available including hoop earrings in the shape of a monster ball that make a modest impression, and ear cuffs with a motif of Pikachu's tail.

Limited Edition Necklace (50 pieces):


To commemorate this special collaboration, a limited number of 50 necklaces will be released. The Pikachu motif shines luxuriously with a large Akoya pearl and a luxurious array of diamonds. The adorable Pikachu motif is covered with diamonds without any gaps. The Pikachu motif on top of the fine Akoya pearls gives a dynamic impression as the body and tail sway. The result is a gem that embodies "Pokémon meets craftsmanship". The Pikachu plaque at the end of the chain is engraved with "1/50PCS", a sign of 50 pieces. (K18YG diamond/Akoya pearl necklace ¥198,000 *limited edition of 50)



The packaging is also a collaboration. The striking yellow box comes with a special package designed to look like Pikachu running through it. The gold ribbon adds to the excitement of the collaboration. The sticker for the shopping bag is also a special edition.


Necklace: 3 models: 39,600 - 198,000 yen
Bracelets: 2 models: 35,200 - 70,400 yen
Earrings: 4 types: 16,500 - 33,000 yen
Ear cuffs: 1 model - 27,500 yen
(All prices include tax)

Pokémon Center Collaboration:


On the same day, December 1st, 2021, the Pokémon Center and STAR JEWELRY will launch their collaborative products. As part of the collaboration project of "STAR JEWELRY★Pokémon", the products sold at 15 official Pokémon Center stores and the Pokémon Center Online shopping site feature a shooting star inspired by the Swift move used by Pokémon in the series. There is also Pokémon Center Limited Edition packaging.


Source: https://www.star-jewelry.com/sj-pokemon
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