Posted By: Sunain | Nov 26 2021 20:15:53
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G.E.M. Series has revealed the finished version of the Kibana & Duraludon which will be released in Japan in July 2021. The figure cost 13,750 yen (tax included). Pictures of this figure have been added to an Imageboard thread.

Product Description:

From the G.E.M. Series comes a Pokémon figure of Kibana & Duraludon! The figure has been sculpted in a powerful pose, just as it was in the series. Line them up with the other figures in the line, and expand the world of Pokémon even further!

Product Details:

Pre-colored finished figure
Exclusive pedestal
Premium Bandai Limited Edition Mini Clear File
Product Material: PVC, ABS
Product Size: Approximately 175mm in height
Price: 13,750 yen (tax included)