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On Friday, January 28th, 2022, the Pokémon Cafe will be offering a large menu collection of Pokémon from the Hisui Region to celebrate the release of Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus!

The first Pokémon partners you meet, Mokuroh, Hinoarashi, and Mijumaru, as well as Gardie in its Hisui Form, will appear in a Japanese-style menu unique to Pokémon Legends. Experience the adventure of the Hisui Region at the Pokémon Cafe with menu items that look like they were taken from scenes in the game!

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the hours of operation, date of release, and contents are subject to change based on guidance and policy statements from the government, local authorities, regulatory agencies, and public health centers.

Let's go on an adventure to the Hisui Region! High Spirits Pikachu Plate - 1,958 yen (tax included)
ヒスイ地方へ冒険に出かけよう!はりきりピカチュウプレート 1,958円(税込)
Pikachu's motivation is evident in the many electric symbols on the plate that look as if it's calling out! The way Pikachu looks at you, it's like your trusty partner. Get ready for adventure at the Pokémon Cafe by eating a Japanese Pikachu plate reminiscent of the Hisui Region!

A step on an adventure to the Hisui Region! Mokuroh, Hinoarashi, and Mijumaru's Celebratory Chirashi Sushi - 2,178 yen (tax included)
ヒスイ地方へ冒険の一歩!モクロー・ヒノアラシ・ミジュマルのおいわいちらし寿司 2,178円(税込))
Mokuroh, Hinoarashi, and Mijumaru, the Pokémon you'll choose as your first parters in Pokémon LEGENDS, are all nestled together in this Chirashi Sushi! Let's celebrate the start of your adventure to the Hisui Region with this gorgeous Chirashi Sushi, featuring colorful side dishes inspired by Grass, Fire, and Water types!


The Pokémon Cafe's original lunch mat with chopstick rests will also be included! Step into an adventure to the Hisui Region! The Mokuroh, Hinoarashi, and Mijumaru's Celebratory Chirashi Sushi comes with a set of chopsticks with a Pokémon Café original chopstick bag, so you can enjoy the Japanese-style dining experience that only Pokémon LEGENDS can offer!

(From left to right) Mokuroh's Hisui Region-style Sweet Drink - Hojicha Milk Flavor / Hinoarashi's Hisui Region-style Sweet Drink - Hojicha Milk Flavor / Mijumaru's Hisui Region-style Sweet Drink - Black Sesame Milk Flavor 1,210 yen each (tax included)
(左から)モクローのヒスイ地方風スイーツドリンク ~抹茶ミルク味~/ ヒノアラシのヒスイ地方風スイーツドリンク ~ほうじ茶ミルク味~/ ミジュマルのヒスイ地方風スイーツドリンク ~黒ごまミルク味~ 各1,210円(税込)
Mokuroh, Hinoarashi, and Mijumaru are also available as Japanese-style sweets drinks. Choose your own partner to share your adventures with.

2 Gardie's Keep a Lookout? Hisui Form Gardie's Nawabari Pie with Matcha Cream
2匹のペアでみはり中?ヒスイのすがたのガーディのナワバリパイ ~抹茶クリーム添え~ 1,848円(税込)
Peeking out from the grassy green tea cream are Hisui Form Gardie, a pair of Scout Pokémon that protect their territory! Today, the two Pokémon are working together...?


Gently approach them, let their guard down, and maybe you'll get a piece of the crispy pie...!

Selectable Pokémon Latte - 770 yen each (tax included)
Selectable Pokémon Latte - Cafe Mocha - 825 yen each (tax included)
Selectable Pokémon Latte - Caramel - 825 yen each (tax included)
選べるポケモンラテ 各770円(税込)
選べるポケモンラテ カフェモカ 各825円(税込)
選べるポケモンラテ キャラメル 各825円(税込)

A total of nine Pokémon from Pokémon LEGENDS have joined the Pokémon Latte lineup, allowing you to choose your favorite art from a large selection of Pokémon! Choose your favorite Pokémon to share your adventures with, and enjoy them with food and sweets!


In addition, new designs will be added to the lunch mats available at the cafe seats! The Pokémon Cafe's original clear coasters, which are given at random with each drink order, will now have a total of 10 different designs! One of the 10 types is a very rare secret pattern.

Source: https://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/cafe/news/211224_01.html
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