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Jun 21 2009 Pokemon Sunday 244
Episode PictureThe latest episode of Pokémon Sunday, Battle of Nibi Gym! / Heart Gold - Soul Silver Big Release Information Special! / Pikachu-colored Pichu VS Shirona (「ニビジムのたたかい!」 「ハートゴールド・ソウルシルバー情報大放出スペシャル!」 「ピカチュウカラーのピチューVSシロナ」), aired on Sunday in Japan.

Satoshi attempting to get his first Gym Badge arrives in Nibi City to challenge Takeshi, the leader of the Nibi City Gym. Inexperienced in Gym Battles, Satoshi sends out Pikachu to battle. Will Satoshi win his first Badge?

In today's episode of Pokemon Sunday, information about Heart Gold and Soul Silver was announced. The Pokemon Sunday crew did various tasks to unlock chests which would unveil information about the games. The first game they played was a variation of Pictionary where they all took turns transferring a drawing of a Pokemon down the line. Next, Yamamoto attempted to lift baseballs, basketballs, and a bowling ball with his nose. Baba then tried to balance a bowl of water on his head while bouncing on a ball. All the information about Heart Gold and Soul Silver was previously announced on the official website and CoroCoro but this was the first time the information was shown on Pokemon Sunday.

A Melee! Pokemon Scramble code was announced today that unlocks a Hikozaru. Visit the "Unknown Recruiting" area, (the red building), and enter the code to unlock the Pokemon.

Melee! Pokemon Scramble
Pokemon Sunday Hikozaru
Code: 0331-4118
Strength: 1415
Attack: Ember (ひのこ)

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