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Extra Battle Day (エクストラバトルの日), an event where you can enjoy Extra Regulation battles, will be held at Pokémon Card Gyms nationwide in Japan starting on Saturday, February 5th, 2022!

All participants will receive the Mao & Suiren (マオ&スイレン) promo card as a participation prize! A rubber playmat with a special illustration featuring Pikachu and Zekrom from Team Up will be distributed as a prize for winning the tournament and for playing rock-paper-scissors!

Extra Battle Day Details:

Date and time: Saturday, February 5th, 2022 ~
Participation Requirements: Purchase more than 900 yen (including tax) of Pokémon Card Game related products.
Tournament Format: The format of the tournament will vary depending on the store where the event will be held, so please contact the store where you will participate for details.
What to bring: Mask, Deck, Items needed for battle (such as damage counters and coins), Writing utensils
Participation Prize: Mao & Suiren Promo Card