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To conclude the PochaPocha Art Fest (ポチャポチャアートフェス), the Pokémon Company and PUBLIC TOKYO will be holding a pop-up store with the theme of "That girl and her Pochama". The PUBLIC TOKYO Pop-up shop will be open from January 29th, 2022 until February 6th, 2022 at the PUBLIC TOKYO Jingumae store.

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The pop-up store will feature illustrations by seven creators who are attracting attention, especially from the younger generation, as well as photos of Sayumi Michishige (道重さゆみ) as a model, which are reproduced directly from the illustration by Ayumi Miyama (ミヤマアユミ), and attractive items depicted in the illustrations.

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An actual outfit was made based on the illustration that Ayumi Miyama drew featuring That Girl and Pochama, and Sayumi Michishige wore it. Ayumi Miyama tweeted her new fanart illustration of the wonderful photo which was based on her initial illustration and said that Sayumi Michishige and the clothes were so cute and thanked her for making the best live-action photo.

Ringer T-shirts featuring the illustrations will also be available for purchase. The ringer t-shirts will come in a special package and can be displayed and enjoyed. It also comes with an original sticker and a Pochama promo card.

Participating creators:

Cotoh Tsumi (古塔つみ)
Akira Komayama (こまやま明)
daisukerichard (ダイスケリチャード)
Hanabushi (はなぶし)
Ayumi Miyama (ミヤマアユミ)



Price: 6,930 yen each

Sources: https://www.pokemon.jp/special/project_pochama/campaign2022_artfes/ and https://public-tokyo.com/shop/pages/pt_project-pochama.aspx

YouTube Clip - PUBLIC TOKYO meets PROJECT POCHAMA - Sayumi Michishige Photoshoot

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR913V7n4KY

Apology and Refunds for Cotoh Tsumi T-shirt

On February 10th, 2022, The Pokémon Company issued an apology and notice regarding the Pochama Cotoh Tsumi Ringer T-shirt (ポッチャマ*古塔つみ リンガーTEE). Cotoh Tsumi had apparently been tracing photos and other artwork to create their art.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused by the display of artwork that was part of our Project Pochama campaign, as well as the products that were sold at PUBLIC TOKYO using the artwork by Cotoh Tsumi.

As a result of investigating the process of creating the artwork, we have determined that the work for Project Pochama is original. However, we take this matter very seriously and have decided to accept returns of the T-shirt at the PUBLIC TOKYO Jingumae store and cancellation of online orders.

Sources: https://corporate.pokemon.co.jp/PostImages/8b55e7604975ac18aa671e5daf3064db20e71ff4.pdf and https://twitter.com/Pokemon_cojp/status/1491611798046646272
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