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Channel your inner Gym Leader and take on every new challenger with a team of Pokémon that's just your type with OMOCAT Jerseys. The bold jerseys feature designs by the Los Angeles-based art studio OMOCAT.

A New Pikachu [email protected] and OMOCAT Jerseys at Pokémon Center

Celebrate Pokémon Day with a variety of cool new products including a stylized Pikachu figure and Pokémon type-centric apparel.

Pokémon Day arrives on February 27, and Pokémon Center is celebrating with some exciting new collaborative merchandise that's sure to delight fans. Featured first is a Pikachu [email protected] figure from MEDICOM TOY. These stylized collectibles—which have teddy bear-like bodies—have been around for decades. Pikachu looks especially cute in this form! On the back of this posable figure is a heart-shaped tail, which indicates a female Pikachu, and the Pokémon Center logo. It's sure to make a unique addition to your Pokémon collection.

If you're looking for something to show off your personal style, try the new selection of jerseys by LA-based art studio OMOCAT that pay tribute to different Pokémon types. Will you choose from Team Steel, Team Psychic, Team Poison, Team Water, Team Dragon, Team Fire, Team Ghost, or Team Grass? Each colorful and trendy top is emblazoned with images of some of the most popular Pokémon of that type. The print on the front of the jerseys is complemented by the team's name, a Poké Ball design, and icons representing the many different types of Pokémon on the back.

TCG fans rejoice! The latest expansion, Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars, will arrive at the Pokémon Center on February 25. This new set features over 170 cards—30 of which are part of the Trainer Gallery subset that features artwork highlighting Pokémon and their Trainers. The expansion also introduces new Pokémon VSTAR that have potent VSTAR Powers so impressive they can be used only one per game!

No matter your tastes, Pokémon Center has something that is sure to put you in a celebratory mood this Pokémon Day

OMOCAT Jerseys


Item List:



Pokémon Center × OMOCAT: Team Psychic Jersey - Adult - $49.99
Pokémon Center × OMOCAT: Team Steel Jersey - Adult - $49.99
Pokémon Center × OMOCAT: Team Grass Jersey - Adult - $49.99
Pokémon Center × OMOCAT: Team Fire Jersey - Adult - $49.99
Pokémon Center × OMOCAT: Team Water Jersey - Adult - $49.99
Pokémon Center × OMOCAT: Team Ghost Jersey - Adult - $49.99
Pokémon Center × OMOCAT: Team Dragon Jersey - Adult - $49.99
Pokémon Center × OMOCAT: Team Poison Jersey - Adult - $49.99

[email protected] Pikachu - Strike a Pose!


With a cheerful winking face and an adorably chubby belly, female Pikachu has joined the [email protected] line of collectible figures! Like other [email protected] figures, it features several articulation points so you can create fun poses and scenes.

  • Articulated head, waist, arms, wrists, and legs
  • Pokémon Center logo on back of head
  • Part of the highly collectible [email protected] series from MEDICOM TOY
  • Made by MEDICOM TOY for Pokémon Center
  • Item Dimensions: 2.8 IN
  • Country Of Origin: Made in China
  • Materials: Plastic
  • SKU: 703-09833

Source: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/a-new-pikachu-berbrick-and-omocat-jerseys-at-pokemon-center/
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