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Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd. is promoting radio calisthenics with the aim of creating a sustainable society and supporting the health of all people through radio calisthenics.

In order to further support children's physical fitness in the ever-changing society, Lucario, a popular Pokémon character among children, has been appointed as a Radio Calisthenics Support Pokémon. To coincide with the commencement, a web video showing the inauguration ceremony and children from the Aoyama Gakuin Elementary School doing radio calisthenics with Lucario was released on Monday, April 11th, 2022.

Easy-to-Do Radio Calisthenics at Home Contributes to Children's Physical Fitness which has been a concern since the coronavirus.

It is particularly important to support children's physical fitness throughout the coronavirus, where there is concern about the decline in physical fitness, and they will work with Lucario to make radio calisthenics, which can be easily practiced at home, more accessible.

Radio Calisthenics were established in 1928 as a National Health Exercise by the Ministry of Communications, the predecessor of Japan Post Insurance. The exercises were reorganized as "Radio Exercises No. 1 and No. 2" between 1951 and 1952, and are still popular among many people today as exercises anyone can easily participate in.


YouTube Clip - Lucario is a Radio Calisthenics Support Pokémon!