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On Saturday, June 18th, 2022, Forest Present (もりのおくりもの), a collection of items themed around the wonderful encounter between Pikachu and its forest friends, will make its debut at the Pokémon Center!

Pikachu and its friends have spent a fun time together in the forest, depicted in a picture book. It is recommend to use the plush Ootachi cushion, which doubles as a neck pillow, together with the gauze blanket for napping and other relaxing time activities. Other items include a wooden whiteboard, a memo stand figure that recreates the scene in which Pikachu receives a Forest Present from Celebi, and other goods with a natural atmosphere inspired by the forest where the forest Pokémon live. The Pokémon Center Online will begin selling these items on June 16th, 2022 at 10:00 a.m.!

YouTube Clip - Pokémon Center Forest Present

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ciBpXPQNy0

Pokémon Cafe - Forest Present


This is a story about a forest where Pokémon live, surrounded by many trees. It seems that a Pikachu wandered into the forest.....?

Starting on Saturday, June 18th, 2022, the story of Pikachu and its friends in the forest will be brought to life at the Pokémon Café in the form of a new menu!

Forest Present Set ~The Story of Pokémon in the Forest~ 2,750 yen (tax included)
もりのおくりものセット 〜とある森のポケモンたちの物語〜 2,750円(税込)
This menu recreates the encounter scene between Pikachu and Celebi, who wandered into the forest! Pikachu is invited into the forest by Celebi. What kind of encounter they will have is up to you! The gratin under Pikachu is a two-color gratin with meat sauce and basil sauce! The smoothie is an apple-flavored smoothie made with fruit.



The lunch mats available at the Pokemon Café are also designed to depict the story that unfolds in the forest. When you flip over the lunch mat that depicts the same scene as the menu where Pikachu and Celebi meet, you will see a scene from the rest of the story. There are two pictures on the back. You cannot choose the mat design.


Each menu item comes with a Pokémon Café original clear drink coaster! It depicts the scene in the story where Pikachu and its friends are enjoying their meal. The coaster, which is given away at random with each drink order, will have the same design! There are 3 designs in total. You cannot choose the design.

We can't wait to see what kind of stories you will encounter. The story will be complete when you order the Forest Present Set ~The Story of Pokémon in the Forest~! Enjoy your time in the forest with Pikachu and make memories at the Pokemon Café.


It is recommend to enjoy the menu together with the Forest Present series of items scheduled to go on sale at the Pokémon Center on the same day!


Pokémon Center merchandise will not be sold at the Pokemon Café. Visiting the Pokémon Café requires a reservation!

Please note that the release of these items may be postponed or cancelled due to the situation at the production site. Please be aware of this beforehand.

At the Amazon.co.jp Pokémon Store, pre-orders for products with a (★) will be starting on June 18th, 2022 and sales starting on June 25th, 2022, but due to the limited number of products available, they may be sold during the pre-order period.

All Pokémon Center stores will carry this line. There is a possibility that other Pokémon Stores will carry the product the week after the release date. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, some stores may change their opening hours or close temporarily.


Image Image
Mascot Plushie Forest Present - 1,320 yen each (★) | Fluffy Plush Cushion Forest Present Ootachi - 4,400 yen (★)

Image Image
Memo Stand Figure Forest Present - 4,950 yen (★) | Gauze Blanket Forest Present - 4,620 yen (★)

Image Image
Wooden Whiteboard Pikachu - 3,520 yen (★) | Tissue Box Cover Forest Present - 3,300 yen (★)


Item List (English):

Mascot Plushie Forest Present Pikachu - 1,320 yen (★)
Mascot Plushie Forest Present Gonbe - 1,320 yen (★)
Mascot Plushie Forest Present Himeguma - 1,320 yen (★)
Fluffy Plush Cushion Forest Present Ootachi - 4,400 yen (★)
Cushion with Leaves Forest Present Souvenirs - 2,750 yen (★)
Cushion with Leaves Forest Present Napping - 2,750 yen (★)
Gauze Blanket Forest Present - 4,620 yen (★)
Tote Bag Forest Present - 3,850 yen (★)
Apron Forest Present - 3,300 yen (★)
Lunch Mat Forest Present - 1,210 yen (★)
Kitchen Paper Holder Forest Present - 1,540 yen (★)
Tissue Box Cover Forest Present - 3,300 yen (★)
Box Forest Present - 1,210 yen (★)
Wall Pockets Forest Present - 1,980 yen (★)
Wall Sticker (Set of 2) - Meeting & Hospitality - Forest Present - 1,210 yen (★)
Wall Sticker (Set of 2) - Dressing up & Souvenir Present - Forest Present - 1,210 yen (★)
Wooden Key Chain Collection Forest Present - 550 yen each - 7 types in total chosen at random.
Wooden Clips (Set of 5) Forest Present - 880 yen (★)
Wooden Whiteboard Pikachu - 3,520 yen (★)
Wooden Whiteboard Forest Present - 3,520 yen (★)
Memo Stand Figure Forest Present - 4,950 yen (★)
A4 Clear Files (Set of 2) Forest Present - 660 yen
Die-cut Memopad Forest Present Chikorita - 495 yen
Die-cut Memopad Forest Present Leafia - 495 yen
Mini Cards (5 pattern set) Forest Present - 770 yen (★)
Boxed Sticky Note Forest Present - 825 yen (★)
Crispy Honey Waffle Cookies of Himeguma and Mitsuhoney - 1,188 yen

Item List (Japanese):

マスコット もりのおくりもの ピカチュウ 1,320円(★)
マスコット もりのおくりもの ゴンベ 1,320円(★)
マスコット もりのおくりもの ヒメグマ 1,320円(★)
ふわふわぬいぐるみクッション もりのおくりもの オオタチ 4,400円(★)
葉っぱつきクッション もりのおくりもの おみやげ 2,750円(★)
葉っぱつきクッション もりのおくりもの おひるね 2,750円(★)
ガーゼケット もりのおくりもの 4,620円(★)
トートバッグ もりのおくりもの 3,850円(★)
エプロン もりのおくりもの 3,300円(★)
ランチョンマット もりのおくりもの 1,210円(★)
キッチンペーパーホルダー もりのおくりもの 1,540円(★)
ティッシュボックスカバー もりのおくりもの 3,300円(★)
フリーボックス もりのおくりもの 1,210円(★)
ウォールポケット もりのおくりもの 1,980円(★)
ウォールステッカー2枚セット であい&おもてなし もりのおくりもの 1,210円(★)
ウォールステッカー2枚セット おめかし&おみやげ もりのおくりもの 1,210円(★)
木製キーホルダーコレクション もりのおくりもの 550円
木製クリップ5個セット もりのおくりもの 880円(★)
木製ホワイトボード ピカチュウ 3,520円(★)
木製ホワイトボード もりのおくりもの 3,520円(★)
メモスタンドフィギュア もりのおくりもの 4,950円(★)
A4クリアファイル 2枚セット もりのおくりもの 660円
ダイカットメモ もりのおくりもの チコリータ 495円
ダイカットメモ もりのおくりもの リーフィア 495円
ミニカード5柄セット もりのおくりもの 770円(★)
ボックス付箋 もりのおくりもの 825円(★)
ヒメグマとミツハニーのサクサクはちみつワッフルクッキー 1,188円

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