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Celebrate the history, art, and artists of the Pokémon TCG by visiting the Pokémon TCG: Online Illustration Exhibition. You can enjoy this immersive digital exhibition from August 10th, 2022, to October 22nd, 2022.

Experience the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Online Illustration Exhibition

Celebrate the stunning art of the Pokémon TCG with an art exhibit you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

There are many ways to engage with the Pokémon Trading Card Game, including appreciating the distinctive artwork on each card. From August 10, 2022 to October 22, Pokémon fans can enjoy the magnificent and diverse imagery of the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Online Illustration Exhibition.

The exhibition features three distinct themes that fans can explore: Life, History, and Artist. As indicated by the name, Life provides a glimpse of the habitats and routines of Pokémon; History traces the evolution of Pokémon TCG illustrations since their beginnings in 1996; and Artist shows the different approaches that artists take to capturing a single Pokémon.

Want a closer look at the artwork? Select the card you’re interested in to better view details you might not previously have noticed. And to get a better understanding of what the artist was thinking when they created the card, the exhibition features comments from the creators who designed each piece on display. With 50 artists each commenting on one of their illustrations, it’s a rare and exciting opportunity to learn more about the talented minds behind the art. The exhibition includes pieces from artists including Megumi Mizutani, Akira Egawa, and many more.

Don’t miss the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Online Illustration Exhibition on display August 10 through October 22.

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