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To celebrate New York Comic Con, RockLove is releasing tons of new officially licensed designs for Pokémon and other major franchises. They will have a booth open at New York Comic Con 2022 starting on October 6th, 2022 at NYCC Booth #1242.




Pokémon X RockLove

New favorite characters join the handcrafted sterling silver Pokémon X RockLove collection! Three Eevee Evolutions include Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon in three-dimensional miniature. A pair of endearing Eevee and a pair of vivacious Vulpix make for adorable earrings in playful leaping poses. In vibrant colorful hand-painted enamel, a cheeky pair of mismatched earrings feature both of Morpeko's forms. Sterling Snorlax will make you smile, while the Cubone pendant’s arm is articulated, allowing it to brandish its bone up and down! Finally, the most powerful Pokémon in this new nine-piece series, articulated hinges allow the Charizard pendant's curved wings to flap forward and back.

Item List:

Articulated Cubone Pendant - $135.00
Articulated Charizard Pendant - $135.00
Morpeko Earrings - $125.00
Eevee Earrings - $99.00
Vulpix Earrings - $99.00
Snorlax Necklace - $135.00
Jolteon Necklace - $115.00
Flaeron Necklace - $115.00
Vaporeon Necklace - $115.00

Source: https://www.rocklove.com/blogs/rocklove-reveals/new-releases-online-live-for-new-york-comic-con-2022
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