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To celebrate the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, a new menu featuring Nyahoja, Hogator and Kuwassu will be available at the Pokémon Café on Friday, November 18th, 2022! There will be a new lineup of gorgeous main course menu items, drinks, and sweets. Let's celebrate a new adventure with a new menu!

Let's go on an adventure freely with Nyahoja, Hogator and Kuwassu ♪ Your Own Story Course - Scarlett/Violet - 3,850 yen each (tax included)
ニャオハ・ホゲータ・クワッスと自由な冒険へ飛び出そう♪きみだけのストーリーコース 〜スカーレット/バイオレット〜 各3,850円(税込)

The first Pokémon you meet in the Paldea region are now available in a gorgeous course menu! The whimsical and pampered Nyahoja, the food-loving Hogator, and the clean and serious Kuwassu are all waiting to meet you!


~Scarlet Course~
Nyahoja's salad is a crispy potato salad with small shrimp and egg. The dressing is Cobb dressing!
Hogator's plate is hamburger steak and cheese cream doria!
Kuwassu's dessert is cheese cake with orange and mango fruit! Served with an orange sauce!


~Violet Course~
Nyahoja's salad is a crispy macaroni salad with bacon and cheese. The dressing is Caesar dressing!
Hogator's plate is a cream doria with sweet potatoes and grilled chicken!
Kuwassu's dessert is cheese cake with grape and blueberry fruit! Served with a grape sauce, you're gonna have a whole bunch of different flavors to enjoy!


Each course comes with a backing paper that can be used as a background for your photoshoot and a gorgeous original sticker (A6 size)! The Scarlet Course and Violet Course each have a different design. Which course will you choose for your adventure?

Nyahoja's Ice Cream Soda ~Melon~ / Hogator's Ice Cream Soda ~Apple~ / Kuwassu's Ice Cream Soda ~Ramune~ 1,210 yen each (tax included)
ニャオハのアイスクリームソーダ ~メロン~/ホゲータのアイスクリームソーダ ~アップル~/クワッスのアイスクリームソーダ ~ラムネ~ 各1,210円(税込)

Nyahoja's contains melon pulp, Hogator's contains apple pulp, and Kuwassu's contains nata de coco. Enjoy with a crispy cookie♪

I choose you! Monster Ball Dessert Bowl - 1,848 yen (tax included)
キミにきめた!! モンスターボールのデザートボウル 1,848円(税込)

The Pokemon Cafe's classic sweets menu is also getting a new look! The contents will be a secret until you come to the store! Don't miss out on which Pokémon you can get!

Choice of Pokémon Latte - 770 yen each (tax included)
Selectable Pokémon Latte Cafe Mocha - 825 yen each (tax included)
Selectable Pokémon Latte Caramel - 825 yen each (tax included)
選べるポケモンラテ 各770円(税込)
選べるポケモンラテ カフェモカ 各825円(税込)
選べるポケモンラテ キャラメル 各825円(税込)

The Selectable Pokémon Latte, in which you can choose your favorite artwork from among many Pokémon, has new designs! Sixteen different Pokémon from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will join the lineup. Choose your favorite Pokémon and enjoy them with food and sweets!


The lunch mats available at the Pokémon Café will also feature Pokémon designs from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet! Enjoy your meal at the Pokémon Café with Pokémon living in the Paldea region! There are 16 designs in total, and you cannot choose the design.


The Pokémon Cafe's original clear coaster, which is given away at random with each drink order, will also feature designs of Pokémon from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet! Will you be able to meet your favorite Pokémon? There will be a total of 5 designs, and you cannot choose the design.

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