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On Friday, November 18th, 2022, Pikachu Sweets by Pokémon Cafe will be offering a new menu to celebrate the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet! In addition to the large-sized Pokéffles featuring Nyahoja, Hogator and Kuwassu, there will also be standard-sized Pokéffles featuring Pamo and Pupimocchi, as well as frappes named after the school that appears in the game. New straw charms to enjoy with a frappe are also available! Enjoy your sweets and drinks with menu items and goods that bring the atmosphere of the Paldea region to life! The Nyahoja, Hogator and Kuwassu Pokéffle was available until June 30th, 2023.

Pikachu Sweets Congratulatory Gift Pokéffle ~The 3 Starters~ 1,210 yen (tax included)
ピカチュウスイーツじるしのおいわいポケッフル ~最初の3匹~ 1,210円(税込)

Pokéffles, the Pokémon waffle, now includes Pokémon from the Paldea region! The cute Pokéffle, which look like the Nyahoja, Hogator and Kuwassu which you will meet at the beginning of your adventure are all squeezed together, and is about twice the size of a regular Pokéffle! The Nyahoja part is a matcha mont blanc flavor, the Hogator part in strawberry milk flavor, and the Kuwassu part is a rare cheese flavor.

It also comes with one of Pikachu Sweets' original big stickers! Almost the same size as the Pokéffle, so line them up and take a picture! *The sticker is available for a limited time until they are sold out.

Pikachu Sweets Congratulatory Gift Pokéffles ~Pamo / Pupimocchi~ 605 yen each (tax included)
ピカチュウスイーツじるしのポケッフル ~パモ/パピモッチ〜 各605円(税込)

Very popular! Pamo / Pupimocchi are available in the standard size Pokéffle! Pamo is sweet lemon flavor and Papimocci is moist and mild milk flavor.

I choose you!! Orange Frappe ~Scarlet~ 880 yen (tax included)
キミにきめた!! オレンジフラッペ 〜スカーレット〜 880円(税込)

I choose you!! Grape Frappe ~Violet~ 880 yen (tax included)
キミにきめた!! グレープフラッペ 〜バイオレット〜 880円(税込)

An orange-flavored Frappe with the orange school emblem on it and a grape-flavored Frappe with the grape school emblem on it are available! Choose your Pokémon partner between Nyahoja, Hogator and Kuwassu and set out on an adventure in the Paldea region!

I chose you!! Orange Frappe ~Scarlet~ with Straw Charm 1,650 yen (tax included)
I chose you!! Grape frappe ~Violet~ with Straw Charm 1,650 yen (tax included)
キミに決めた!! オレンジフラッペ 〜スカーレット〜 ストローチャーム付き 1,650円(税込)
キミに決めた!! グレープフラッペ 〜バイオレット〜 ストローチャーム付き 1,650円(税込)

If you attach a straw charm to the new drinks released on the same day, it will become a frappe that looks even cuter in photos! Add a Scarlet Straw Charm to the orange frappe, and a Violet Straw Charm to the grape frappe.

Straw Charm Pikachu Sweets by Pokémon Cafe Scarlet/Violet - 770 yen each (tax included)
ストローチャーム Pikachu Sweets by Pokémon Cafe スカーレット/バイオレット 各770円(税込)

Straw charms can also be purchased individually! The charm can also be removed, so it's recommended to attach it to your bag or pouch and carry it around after you've finished drinking.

Get Latte/Get Latte Tea Latte - 605 yen each (including tax)
Get Latte Cafe Mocha/Caramel/White Mocha - 638 yen each (tax included)
ゲットラテ/ゲットラテ ティーラテ 各605円(税込)
ゲットラテ カフェモカ/キャラメル/ホワイトモカ 各638円(税込)

The classic menu item "Get Latte" goes great with Pokéffles! There are six new patterns. One of the six patterns is a very rare secret pattern. You cannot choose the type of pattern.


Purchase a set of 1 regular sized Pokéffle and 1 Get Latte, and you will receive 1 Pikachu Sweets original sticker at random! *There are 5 stickers in total. You cannot choose the sticker. The stickers are available for a limited time until they are sold out.

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