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Build-A-Bear has announced that the Online Exclusive Teddiursa Bundle is now available to order. Teddiursa’s online exclusive bundle includes: Teddiursa with 5-in-1 Sound, a Teddiursa Hoodie and a Teddiursa Sleeper. The Online Exclusive Teddiursa Bundle costs $65 USD. Pictures of this plushie bundle have been added to an Imageboard thread.


Build-A-Bear - Online Exclusive Teddiursa Bundle

Teddiursa is sweet as honey! This quick Pokémon is making its much-anticipated Build-A-Bear plush debut. Pokémon Trainers will be smiling big with this Teddiursa plush in their collection. This Normal-type Pokémon has tan fur, soft white claws, oversized ears and a smiley face. Pick up this exclusive bundle to bring home Teddirusa along with its green hoodie, blue sleeper and 5-in-1 sound chip!

Price includes:
  • Teddiursa with 5-in-1 Sound
  • Teddiursa Hoodie
  • Teddiursa Sleeper

Source: https://www.buildabear.com/online-exclusive-teddiursa-bundle/30455_30456_30453.html
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