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BlackMilk Clothing released a new collection of Pokémon clothing on June 20th, 2023 at 7am AEST. Some of your favorite Pokémon can be added to your wardrobe! High resolution pictures of the collection have been added to an Imageboard thread.



Item List:

Pokémon Faces HWMF Leggings - AUD$95
Ho-Oh Wallpaper Velvet Squared Up Bishop Skater Dress - AUD$129
Psyduck Confusion Velvet Longline Strappy Dress - AUD$139
Psyduck Confusion Velvet Mini Strappy Dress - AUD$129
Grass-Type Apron Dress - AUD$119
Grass-Type Garden Dance Choreographer Dress - AUD$129
Ditto Pile Cuffed Shorts - AUD$89
Ditto Pile Short Sleeve Button Up Dress - AUD$119
Paldea First Partner Pokémon HW Toasties - AUD$95
Yamper V Dress - AUD$139
Paldea First Partner Pokémon Short Sleeve Button Up Dress - AUD$119
Poké Ball Grey Straight Leg Cargo Pants - AUD$119
Stained Glass Eevee Robe - AUD$139
Stained Glass Eevee Velvet Long Sleeve Bodysuit - AUD$99
Stained Glass Eevee Cuffed Pants - AUD$119
Stained Glass Eevee Scoop Sheer Midaxi Dress - AUD$119
Eevee Garden Longline Romance Dress - AUD$119
Eevee Garden Cute As A Button Shirt - AUD$89
Lapras Waves Handkerchief Dress - AUD$119
Lapras Waves Rio Playsuit - AUD$139
Poké Ball Mono Gym Bag - AUD$89
Poké Ball Mono Racer Crop - AUD$59
Poké Ball Mono HW Ninja Pants - AUD$79
Poké Ball Mono Long Sleeve Zip Jacket - AUD$129
Eevee Evolution Camo Cargo Pants - AUD$119
Grass-Type Starters HWMF Leggings - AUD$95
Espeon Sheer Romance Dress - AUD$109
Ghost-Type Mini Strappy Dress - AUD$109
Eevee Evolution Floral V Dress - AUD$139
Eevee Evolution Black Scoop Skater Dress - AUD$95
Eevee Evolution Floral Cuffed Pants - AUD$119
Eevee Evolution Black BFT - AUD$70
Pokémon All-Stars HWMF Leggings - AUD$95
Ghost-Type HW Toasties - AUD$95
Squirtle Flowers Cuffed Pants - AUD$119
Mimikyu Cuffed Shorts - AUD$89
Psyduck Cuffed Shorts - AUD$89
Bulbasaur Apron Dress - AUD$119
Snorlax Apples Apron Dress - AUD$119
Bulbasaur Overalls - AUD$139
Magikarp BBQ Shirt - AUD$99
Magikarp Short Overalls - AUD$119
Ditto Oversized Knit Sweater - AUD$119
Gyarados Gold Bomber Jacket - AUD$139
Poké Ball Belt - AUD$59
Gastly Evolution Long Sleeve Oversized BFT - AUD$99
Togepi Short Overalls - AUD$119
Pikachu Electricity Corset Top - AUD$99
Sylveon Bow Back Dress - AUD$109

Source: https://blackmilkclothing.com/collections/pokemon
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