Posted By: Sunain | Mar 26 2008 18:06:33
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The WiiWare service's premiere launch title in Japan may be a glorified tool for managing the Pokemon from the DS titles, but it also offers something for the Pokemon fanatic who's starting from scratch. It was developed by Ambrella and can be purchased for 1,000 Wii Points in Japan.

"Everyone's Pokemon Farm hooks up with your DS via Wi-Fi, allowing you to transfer your Diamond & Pearl collection over for viewing in full 3D in a ranch environment. You can do all sorts of things with your new 3D friends, including making them interact with your Miis and with the toys that you place around the ranch. You can take pictures, which can be saved to an SD card and sent to your friends. You can also invite friends to your ranch in order to show off your collection.

All players off with six starter Pokemon, Pikachu included. From then on, the ranch manager, Yukari, adds a new Pokemon to the family at the start of every day.

Even with the freebies, there isn't too much to do when you first start off Pokemon Ranch. In fact, the game initially limits your control over the action. You initially have access only to an "auto" mode of movement, which switches views automatically between things on your ranch. It's only once you've reached a high-enough level with your ranch, which you do by collecting more Pokemon, that you gain access to a free movement mode. This lets you freely move your view point and force Pokemon and Miis to move around." (IGN)

Screenshots from the game are available on the Imageboard thread.