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It has been announced that chapter 1 of the popular anime Pocket Monsters (airs on the TV Tokyo Network every Friday at 6:55pm, officially abbreviated "Anipoke"), "Liko and Roy Set Off", is about to reach its climax. A new trailer depicting upcoming events was also released.

YouTube Clip - Terapagos' Shine Arc Trailer (Japan Region Locked)

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMJBx_HTuB8

Episode 23, "Galar Fire Blazes Up", which aired on the 22nd, featured not the Black Rayquaza, but a Galar Fire carrying an ancient monster ball, the proof of being one of the Six Heroes that traveled with Lucius! Liko and the others want to close in on this Galar Fire somehow, but it's burning with anger and keeps everyone at arm's length, so they came up with a plan that incorporated Gym Leader Kabu's advice that winning battles isn't the only way to be a Trainer.

The new trailer finally reveals the tale of the Ancient Adventurer Lucius' adventures, as well as the true identity of the mysterious Pokémon the pendant turned into. The story centered around this mysterious Pokémon starts taking some sudden twists and turns as the executives of the Explorers, the organization Amethio belongs to, begin taking personal action.

The next episode, episode 24, "Reunion at the Old Castle", will air October 13th. Liko's pendant has turned into a mysterious Pokémon, as, wanting to learn the truth about this Pokémon, she and the others head for Liko's grandmother Diana's location and finally reunite with her at a hidden old castle. Diana tells them the tale of Lucius' adventures, and of the mysterious Pokémon "Terapagos". Meanwhile, Amethio and his fellow Explorers approach the old castle, having followed Liko and the others there...

Weekly sets of episodes of the Pocket Monsters anime will be available on the official Pokémon Youtube channel from Friday September 29th to Friday October 27th! This allows you to binge the "Liko and Roy Set Off" arc in time for the upcoming "Terapagos' Shine" arc, so make sure to check it out!

It has been decided that Nanase Nishino, who plays the protagonist in the original Pokémon live action serial Pokétsume, will join the Pokémon anime as a guest voice actor in December. She will be playing an Eteboth. Further details will be announced later.

A comment from Nanase Nishino:
I've loved the Pokémon video games ever since I was a child, so I was extremely happy to learn that I would be appearing in the Pocket Monsters anime TV show. I was initially surprised that I had been cast as an Eteboth, since I wasn't expecting that I'd play an actual Pokémon, but I'm considering this a great honor.
I actually found it to be quite difficult since the way I had to approach my lines was so different from when I'm doing live action. It required a strong sense of imagination since I needed to get across my character's thoughts and current situation purely through making noises.
I got the hang of it little by little though, and it made me really happy when the sound director told me I was "getting close to an Eteboth now"! This entire thing was a really good experience for me, and one that really made me fall in love with Eteboth. The episode won't be airing for a while though, but look forward to it!
-Nanase Nishino, the voice of Eteboth

Terapagos' Shine

The popular anime Pocket Monsters (airs on the TV Tokyo Network every Friday at 6:55pm, officially abbreviated "Anipoke") is about to enter its second chapter, which is going to be subtitled "Terapagos' Shine". A new poster depicting the Pokémon Terapagos, which holds the key to the protagonists Liko and Roy's adventure, has been released, as has a new trailer.

In Chapter 2, "Terapagos' Shine", a new adventure begins for Liko and Roy when they meet Terapagos, the mysterious Pokémon that has just transformed from its pendant form.


Liko has previously learned about the legend of the "Ancient Adventurer Lucius" from her grandmother Diana, and the trailer released today shows her pledging to grant Terapagos' wish by searching for "Rakua", a place filled with its memories of Lucius.

It has also been revealed that the Black Rayquaza Roy is chasing down was one of the Six Hero Pokémon that went on an adventure with Lucius in the distant past, and that the Explorers, the organization Amethio belongs to, have started their pursuit of the Black Rayquaza as well.


But what is the true goal of the Explorers...? The curtain goes up for a new adventure for Liko, Roy and the others centered around Lucius, the Six Heroes, as well as Terapagos.

It has also been revealed that the new opening theme that will adorn the story of Chapter 2 will be "Hello". Outstanding creators yama and Botchi Boromaru, who have recently been getting really popular on the Internet, primarily on social media, have teamed up as the special unit "yama x Botchi Boromaru" in order to vigorously sing this fast-paced song!

The new opening theme "Hello" will debut on October 27th with episode 26, "Terapagos' Adventure", and can also be heard in the trailer that released today.


A comment from yama:
When I was little, I was particularly fond of the Pokémon movies, which moved me to tears as I kept watching them over and over. This wasn't because I was a particularly emotional child, but because I found the deep bond between Pokémon and humans, along with the music in these movies, to be so moving. I still play video games even as an adult, and Pokémon ones give me these therapeutic, warm and exciting memories. It's a genuine honor to be allowed to handle the theme song this time.
It will make me really happy if this song wil help ease its listeners' anxieties and insecurities and make them recall how cheerful and exciting their daily life can be, even if just a little. Botchi Boromaru-san and I poured our hearts and souls into this song, so I hope its message will reach as many people as possible.


A comment from Botchi Boromaru:
Pokémon has been there with me in some shape or form ever since I was little, not just as video games, but also as a card game, stickers included with sweets, and plushies. I was especially into the anime, taping it every week and watching the episodes over and over, and singing the opening and ending themes at karaoke competitions during grade school. I even used to draw manga starring Pikachu that I'd show to my friends.
But I never even dreamed that I'd one day get to sing a theme song for the Pokémon anime I loved so much! If I tried telling this to my past self that hadn't even started playing the guitar yet, it'd probably sound too ridiculous to believe. This is hands down the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, no exaggeration! yama-san and I took great care in creating this song as we remembered our past selves and thinking about our present selves at the same time. Please enjoy!!!
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