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Gyarados is swimming into the battle on January 25th, 2024 in Pokémon UNITE!

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Magikarp Evolves into Gyarados in Pokémon UNITE

Splash around until you’re ready to show your Moxie with the Atrocious Pokémon on Aeos Island. Are you ready to make a splash in your next match on Aeos Island? Look no further than the powerfully pathetic Fish Pokémon Magikarp. Though it is said to be the world’s weakest Pokémon, Magikarp can fill its effort gauge through brave contributions in battle to evolve into the mighty Gyarados—no Exp. Points required! Dream big and prove to your teammates that if they can’t handle you at your Magikarp, they don’t deserve you at your Gyarados.

You can obtain a Unite license for the Melee All-Rounder Gyarados for 14,000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems at the Unite Battle Committee shop. Gyarados will only be obtainable with Aeos gems for the first seven days of its release. Read on to learn more about this Pokémon before flopping onto Aeos Island.

Gyarados Basics

Ability: Rattled (Magikarp) - When Magikarp is damaged by an opposing Pokémon, its movement speed is increased for a short time. This effect can stack up to five times. Each time Magikarp knocks out an opposing Pokémon, scores a goal, or otherwise makes a contribution in battle, its effort gauge increases. Once the effort gauge is full, Magikarp evolves into Gyarados.

Ability: Moxie (Gyarados) - When Gyarados knocks out an opposing Pokémon or makes an assist, all of its move cooldowns are reduced.

Basic Attack (Magikarp) - Magikarp attacks nearby Pokémon, dealing increased damage.

Basic Attack (Gyarados) - With every third attack, Gyarados’s basic attack becomes a boosted attack and deals increased damage.

Lv. 1 & 3 Moves

Flail - Magikarp flails about, dealing damage to nearby opposing Pokémon. The lower Magikarp’s remaining HP, the more damage Flail deals.

Splash - Magikarp jumps to the designated location. A maximum of three uses can be kept in reserve for this move.

Moves Learned upon Evolving

Dragon Breath - Gyarados exhales a mighty gust, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon and leaving them paralyzed. If Gyarados hits an opposing Pokémon with this move, Gyarados’s basic attacks are boosted for a short time, dealing increased damage with increased basic attack speed. The more opposing Pokémon hit by this move (up to a maximum of three), the greater the basic attack speed increase. Dragon Breath can be upgraded to increase the damage dealt by this move and basic attacks.

Aqua Tail - Gyarados swings its tail continuously for a set amount of time. If this move hits opposing Pokémon three times, this move can be used again. This second stage of the move has the user charge power, then sweep its tail to attack a wider area. If Gyarados charges power for a set amount of time or longer before attacking, the move’s area of effect is increased, and it deals increased damage. Aqua Tail can be upgraded so that the second stage of the move deals additional damage based on the percentage of HP opposing Pokémon have lost.

Waterfall - Gyarados charges three times in a row at awesome speed, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon it hits. Gyarados can change direction between each charge. If the second charge hits an opposing Pokémon, Gyarados is granted a shield. If the third charge hits an opposing Pokémon, the opposing Pokémon is thrown. Waterfall can be upgraded to reduce its cooldown.

Bounce - Gyarados charges power, then bounces to the designated location and attacks. The longer power is charged, the farther that Gyarados can bounce. If power is charged for a certain amount of time or longer, Gyarados is granted a shield when it bounces and also applies a movement speed decrease to opposing Pokémon it hits when it lands. Bounce can be upgraded to strengthen the effect of the shield granted by this move.

Gyarados’s Unite Move, Dragon Current

Gyarados dives underwater, where it can’t attack or be targeted by opposing Pokémon. When this move is used again, Gyarados leaps up forcefully and attacks. If Gyarados stays underwater for a set amount of time, it creates a whirlpool where it surfaces, applying a continuous slowing effect to opposing Pokémon it hits. If Gyarados stays underwater for an even longer amount of time, it creates a waterspout where it surfaces, throwing opposing Pokémon it hits.

Metagame Watch

Strong Against: Decidueye - Decidueye is a powerful Ranged Attacker that can do plenty of damage from a long distance with Spirit Shackle, but it often falls prey to powerful Pokémon that can quickly close the gap between themselves and the Arrow Quill Pokémon. Gyarados is one of these powerful Pokémon—its Bounce move takes time to charge, but ultimately allows Gyarados to travel a long distance and decrease Decidueye’s movement speed. Its Unite Move, Dragon Current, is also adept at quickly catching up to Decidueye and instantly throwing it, spelling doom for the Ranged Attacker’s low durability once Gyarados starts landing basic attack after basic attack.

Weak Against: Umbreon - Melee Pokémon usually hate two things: Ranged Attackers with high mobility and Defenders with powerful hindrances. Umbreon is the latter, with Foul Play, Mean Look, and Snarl all presenting troublesome hindrances for Gyarados and its basic attacks. Umbreon can use these moves to either protect its teammates or lock down Gyarados for a key KO. Players using Gyarados will want to avoid direct confrontations with Umbreon and take advantage of more chaotic team fights.

Source: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/magikarp-evolves-into-gyarados-in-pokemon-unite
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