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Mar 06 2010 Pokémon Sunday 281
Episode PictureThe latest episode of Pokémon Sunday, Valley of Lizardon! Until the Day We Meet Again!! / Pokémon Ranger Special! Robert is Challenged to Capture the Smiles of 100 People on the Street! / Anime 'Pokémon Ranger: Paths of Light' (リザードンのたに!またあうひまで!! / ポケモンレンジャースペシャル! ロバートが街に出て100人の笑顔のキャプチャに挑戦!/ アニメ「ポケモンレンジャー 光の軌跡」), aired today in Japan.
A new theme for the rerun episodes, "Pokémon Farewell Stories", started this week. The first episode to be shown under this banner was the Johto episode 'Valley of Lizardon! Until the Day We Meet Again!!'. Satoshi and friends meet Sieg (ジーク), the caretaker of the Lizardon Valley. Satoshi decides to leave his Lizardon in her care for more training. A full synopsis of this episode is available in the episode guide.

Today's episode is a special dedicated to the new game Pokémon Ranger: Paths of Light (ポケモンレンジャー 光の軌跡) which was released in Japan on March 6th, 2010. The Pokémon Sunday crew start the episode off with Robert standing on a raised stage. The headquarters lights dim and Robert are seen with a large light on each of their butts. Each member of Robert takes turn mimicking the movements of a Ranger Sign using the light on their butt. The attempted to draw 'Purin' (プリン) but Red, Golgo and Shoko couldn't figure it out. Golgo decides to write 'Purin' (プリン) with the light on his butt and does it a bit slower than Robert did. After he finished drawing the name, Golgo still had his butt sticking out and he farts to the dismay of all the people around him.

Robert then took on the role of Pokémon Rangers, wearing ranger uniforms from the new game (with Baba in the female uniform). Joined by Lucario and the Guitar Pichu, played by stand-up comedian Yōku Hata (波田陽区), well known for his Guitar Samurai (ギター侍) persona, the ranger trio set out on their mission: capture the smiles of a 100 people.

While the Guitar Pichu himself proved quite adept at this task, the rangers eventually found they had to call in help. Using special Ranger Signs, they summoned comedians Raoh Watanabe (渡辺ラオウ), Zomahoun Rufin, Satomi and the comedy duo Double Colon (Wコロン) to help them out, eventually managing to reach the magic number.

Earlier this week, the children's television show Oha Suta (おはスタ) debuted the latest trailer for the 13th Pocket Monsters movie, The Ruler of Illusions Zoroark (幻影の覇者 ゾロアーク). The same trailer aired during Pokémon Sunday just after the live action segment finished. It can also be viewed on the official movie website.

A preview for the upcoming March 1 hour special of Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl was also shown. The preview shows Pokémon Ranger Natsuya, the main character from the Ranger shorts, starring in DP169. Below are a few pictures from the preview.

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In a continuation of last weeks 'Pokémon Ranger: Paths of Light' anime short special, the story continues with Natsuya capturing Ukulele Pichu. They head through the Teak Forest and arrive at a cave that is guarded by a Pokémon Napper. Pichu quickly shocks the girl allowing them to enter the cave.

Red Eye (レッドアイ) is attempting to take the Raikou Ranger Sign that is inscribed on a stone. Ukulele Pichu attempts to stop them but Red Eye sends his controlled Zugaidos at it which breaks its Ukulele in the process. Natsuya captures the Zugaidos to calm it down but not before Red Eye and the Pokémon Nappers leave with the Raikou Ranger Sign tablet. As they exit the cave, Red Eye and the Nappers are stopped by lightning and a loud roar as the special ends.

Pictures and characters from this episode have been added to the episode guide. You can can also comment and discuss this episode. Also be sure to rate this and other episodes in the episode guide.
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