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Falinks is a melee All-Rounder that depends on positioning and using its various troopers to take out opponents. Falinks comes to Pokémon UNITE on April 25th, 2024.



YouTube Clip - Falinks Character Spotlight | Pokémon UNITE

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YouTube Clip - Falinks Moves Overview | Pokémon UNITE

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Squad Up with Falinks in Pokémon UNITE

Harness the power of teamwork with this unique All‑Rounder that can switch between different battle formations. Hup, two, three, four! Falinks is ready for battle as the latest All-Rounder in Pokémon UNITE. The Formation Pokémon brings a unique battle style to Aeos Island that emphasizes the strength of a squad working together as a single unit. Consisting of the brass, who stands at the front of column issuing orders, and five troopers, Falinks rushes headlong into battle with moves that become stronger when it stands its ground with No Retreat. If you prefer the divide-and-conquer approach instead, Falinks can use Beat Up to dispatch troopers for solo engagements! No matter what your approach is, teamwork makes the dream work for Falinks.

You can obtain a Unite license for the Melee All-Rounder Falinks for 14,000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems at the Unite Battle Committee shop. Falinks will only be obtainable with Aeos gems for the first seven days of its release. Read on to learn more about the Formation Pokémon before squadding up on Aeos Island.

Falinks Basics

Ability: Battle Armor - When Falinks takes critical-hit damage, a set percentage of the damage is reduced. Falinks is a group comprised of the brass and five troopers, and they utilize three formations: Column formation, No Retreat formation, and Dispatch formation. When a move is used in No Retreat or Dispatch formation, the effect of the move changes. This Pokémon can hold a little more Aeos energy than other Pokémon.
Basic Attack - Falinks’s basic attacks become boosted attacks with every third attack, or after Falinks uses Tackle, Megahorn, or Iron Head. Boosted attacks also apply a slowing effect to opposing Pokémon they hit. When a boosted attack hits, the cooldown of Tackle, Megahorn, or Iron Head is reduced.

Lv. 1 & 3 Moves

Tackle - Falinks charges in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon and shoving them. Falinks’s next basic attack becomes a boosted attack.

Bulk Up - Increases Falinks’s Attack, Defense, and basic attack speed for a short time.

Lv. 4 Moves

Megahorn - Falinks charges with its horns, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon it hits and shoving them. Immediately afterward, Falinks charges with its horns again and gains a shield. When Falinks is in No Retreat formation, it charges power before charging forward with its horns, dealing additional damage to opposing Pokémon it hits based on their max HP. When Falinks is in Dispatch formation, the troopers who are away from the column will also charge with their horns, along with the brass. Megahorn can be upgraded to strengthen the effect of the shield granted by this move.

Iron Head - Falinks attacks the designated area with its steel-hard heads, dealing damage and applying a slowing effect to opposing Pokémon it hits, as well as granting itself a shield. When Falinks is in No Retreat formation, Iron Head’s range is shortened, but its area of attack is widened. Falinks’s next four basic attacks can be used while it’s moving. When Falinks is in Dispatch formation, dispatched troopers return to the column when Falinks attacks with this move. The returning troopers shove and deal damage to opposing Pokémon they hit on their way back to the column. Iron Head can be upgraded so that the troopers’ attacks also deal additional damage to opposing Pokémon based on the opposing Pokémon’s HP.

Lv. 6 Moves

No Retreat - Falinks switches to No Retreat formation while shoving opposing Pokémon in front of it. While in No Retreat formation, Falinks cannot change the direction it’s facing and its movement speed when moving backward is decreased, but its Attack is increased and damage it takes from the front is reduced. If this move is used while Falinks is in No Retreat formation, Falinks will switch to Column formation. No Retreat can be upgraded to further increase Falinks’s Attack and further reduce the damage it takes from the front.

Beat Up - Falinks charges in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon it hits. Falinks switches to Dispatch formation, sending out two troopers toward opposing Pokémon it hit. The dispatched troopers will continue to attack the opposing Pokémon for a while, but they will return to the brass after they take a set amount of damage or become separated from the brass by a set distance or greater. A maximum of two uses can be kept in reserve for this move. Beat Up can be upgraded to restore some of the user’s HP when this move hits.

Falinks’s Unite Move, Dust Devil Formation

The five troopers run continuously around the brass at great speed, dealing damage and applying a slowing effect to opposing Pokémon they hit. While Dust Devil Formation is being used, damage taken by the troopers is reduced.

Metagame Watch

Strong Against: Blissey - Blissey is a Support Pokémon built like a Defender—it excels at keeping itself and its teammates in the battle with shields from Safeguard and Bliss Assistance. Blissey runs Soft-Boiled less often, but its healing can be equally strong in the right circumstances. Unfortunately for Blissey, Falinks excels at taking quick and efficient knockouts against bulky targets with the combination of No Retreat and Megahorn. This does a massive amount of damage that’s hard to react to with Blissey’s shields or heals while also giving Falinks a shield of its own. The Happiness Pokémon will want to play at arm’s length when Falinks is in the heat of battle.

Weak Against: Delphox - Falinks does huge amounts of damage while in No Retreat formation, but great power often comes with a lack of versatility. Because Falinks already moves slower when in No Retreat formation, it is likely to struggle even more against ranged attacks like Delphox’s Mystical Fire and Fire Spin. Fire Spin is especially troublesome for the Formation Pokémon, as it’s more likely to get swept up in Delphox’s fiery vortex. Falinks players will have to eschew brute force and work with their team to effectively knock out ranged Pokémon challenging this tiny garrison.

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