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The Toba Kokusai Hotel is celebrating its 60th anniversary and is now offers rooms featuring the Mie Prefecture support Pokémon Mijumaru! Mijumaru Room featuring the charms of Mie and Mijumaru are now available to book.


Mijumaru is a Pokémon that appears in the Pokémon video game series. Since being named Mie Prefecture's support Pokémon in December 2021, Mijumaru and Mie Prefecture have collaborated on a variety of initiatives to promote Mie Prefecture's appeal and to increase consumption of products from the prefecture. Mijumaru branded products are sold in various places in Mie Prefecture.

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The Mijumaru Room, a special room created in collaboration with "Mie Prefecture × Mijumaru," are avilable to book now, and Mijumaru, the Mie Support Pokémon, will welcome guests in their room. The Mijumaru Room has already been available at NEMU RESORT as of March 2024, and has been well received.

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Collaboration with Mie Prefecture and Mijumaru limited to one room!
Stay in a Mijumaru room with the charm of Mie and Mijumaru! Those who stay in a room surrounded by Mijumaru and find all of the monster balls hidden in the room will receive a wonderful present.

Accommodation: Starts on May 23rd, 2024 and reservations will be accepted as of May 20th, 2024.
Price: Dinner and breakfast included, 2 people occupying one room, per person starting from 34,320 yen
Special Items: Take home ISECHA Tea Bags Mijumaru Ver. and Mijumaru Gauze Towels
Fun Activity: Finding the monster balls hidden in the Mijumaru room

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