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The Pokémon Company updated their Pokémon in Figures page listing some statistics as of the end of March 2024. The Pokémon Trading Card game sold 11.9 billion cards during the fiscal year for 2023/2024 bringing the total number of cards produced to over 64.8 billion, meaning that 18.36% of the overall lifetime sales for the Pokémon TCG took place in the last fiscal year.



Video Games

Total shipments of all Pokémon-related software: over 480 million units
Number of languages available, the Pokémon series: 9 languages

Trading Card Game

Total production: over 64.8 billion cards
Number of languages to date: 15 languages
Number of countries and regions sold in to date: 93 countries and regions

Animated TV shows

Number of countries and regions aired in to date: 192 countries and regions

Source: https://corporate.pokemon.co.jp/en/aboutus/figures/
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