Posted By: Sunain | Apr 05 2010 21:16:16
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ThumbnailThe official Japanese Pokémon website has launched its redesigned site and is now live. GAME FREAK has also launched a redesigned website. Earlier this year, the official English Pokémon website launched a redesigned site as well.

The website now features a globalized header with search and links the major areas on the website which include: Games, Card Game, Anime, Store Goods, and Event.

Previous information and news is archived on the site and can be accessed by navigating through the main areas. The site also has a RSS feed to keep fans updated with the latest Japanese Pokémon news.

GAME FREAK's website features an all Adobe Flash interface with a Pikachu for a loading bar. The site also features basic information about the company and some of the projects they have done.

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