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May 01 2010 Pokémon Sunday 289
Episode PictureThe latest episode of Pokémon Sunday, Pikachu's Entering the Rocket Gang!? / Professor Akido's Experiment 'Can People Take on Other Forms like Zoroark does!?' / Director Shoko-tan's Television Viewer Battle Debut! (ピカチュウ、ロケット団に入る!? / アーキド博士の実験「人間もゾロアークのように化けることができるのか?」 / しょこたん部長が視聴者バトルに登場!), aired today in Japan.

This week featured a new rerun theme, 'Pikachu and Nyarth's Nice Little Talks', and Pikachu's Entering the Rocket Gang!? was this weeks repeat episode. In this episode, Pikachu and Nyarth ended up separated from their respective groups after an explosion, and when Nyarth discovers Pikachu has lost his memory, he takes the opportunity to make him a Rocket Gang member.

Professor Akido makes his return this episode, again researching similarities between humans and Pokémon. This time, he wanted to see if the berries making Pokémon resist attacks of specific types have the same effect on humans. He feeds Golgo a Ririba Berry, which grants resistance against steel attacks, and attacks Golgo with makeshift Iron Tail and Metal Claw attacks. After Golgo ends up taking as much damage as he normally would, Akido descovers he accidentally gave him the wrong berry.

Next, Akido attempts to see if humans can take on other forms like the new Pokémon Zoroark has been shown to. Baba is successfully able to take on Deoxys' looks by use of a costume, so Akido has him try to use Deoxys' move Snatch to see if he's a perfect replica. Baba is sent into a basketball match where he has to play against an entire team at once, and doesn't fare particularly well, so Akido deduces humans can't take on Pokémon forms completely.

He still wants to see if they can take on other forms, so he has the group try to take on the form of a park bench. After seemingly doing a decent job at first, they eventually fail to support the weight of somewhat heavier people. After deducing humans can't take on the form of park benches, Akido finally tries to see how well they can take on the form of curling stones, and a relatively successful match is held using humans in place of stones.

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In the Sunday Pokémon News segment, Hikozaru announced some new campaigns being held by the Pokémon Center. Until May 9th, customers can recieve free promotional bookmarks featuring Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Pikachu, Pochama, Celebi and Zorua. In addition to this, a new Pokéwalker Spot will be available until August 31st, where customers can download a random TM from a selection of 10 to their Pokéwalker. The available TM's include popular moves such as Overheat and Rock Slide and the full list of TM's that can be downloaded is posted below.

TM # TM Name
01 Focus Punch (きあいパンチ)
03 Water Pulse (みずのはどう)
19 Giga Drain (ギガドレイン)
23 Iron Tail (アイアンテール)
34 Shock Wave (でんげきは)
48 Skill Swap (スキルスワップ)
50 Overheat (オーバーヒート)
80 Rock Slide (いわなだれ)
84 Poison Jab (どくづき)
92 Trick Room (トリックルーム)

During the preview for next weeks episode, Shoko-tan held up a board that was covered up with a large question mark. Next weeks episode title states that a new Pokémon (新ポケモンの××) from the new games Pokémon Black and White will be revealed during the show.

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