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Aug 05 2010 Play Pokémon
The official Pokémon website has announced new changes to the organized play of the Pokémon Trading Card game. Players can now compete with other Pokémon fans in the newly named Play! Pokémon Organized Play program. Below is the press release.

For years, the Pokémon Organized Play program has been the way to meet other Pokémon fans while playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game and video games and earning cool prizes. Under a new name, the Play! Pokémon program will provide those same opportunities to have fun with Pokémon around the world! The Play! Pokémon program will continue to host and support leagues and tournaments for all Pokémon fans, whether they're experts or just beginners. So, if you're an occasional visitor to your local Pokémon League or are training to become the next World Champion, the Play! Pokémon program will be your place for play and fun. And, as always, when you participate in the Play! Pokémon program, you'll be eligible to earn cool prizes and learn more about your favorite Pokémon games.

The new name and awesome new logos will debut at the 2010 Pokémon World Championships on August 13th in Kona, Hawaii, where competitors will be able to see it all firsthand!

Source: http://www.pokemon.com/us/news/op_playpokemon_announce-2010-08-03/
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