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The Official Pokémon Black and White website has announced the release date for the new 5th generation games. They will be released in Canada and the United States on March 6th, 2011. Most video game store locations are now taking pre-orders for the games. The site also revealed a ton of new information on the games and Pokémon names and that information is listed below. A localization cheat sheet has also been posted on the imageboard to download, thanks to immewnity.

Press Release

Upcoming Nintendo DS Games Introduce More than 150 Never-Before-Seen Pokémon and a New Region to Explore

REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 27, 2010 - Nintendo of America today announced that the Pokémon™ Black Version and Pokémon White Version video games will launch in North America on March 6, 2011. The games, playable exclusively on the Nintendo DS™ family of systems, are a completely new adventure that Pokémon fans old and new can embark on. Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version introduce more than 150 new Pokémon and a new region to explore.

Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version feature new Pokémon that players can catch, train and battle as they progress through the game, and some Pokémon can only be caught in one version of the game. For example, the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram™ can only be caught in Pokémon Black Version, while the Legendary Pokémon Zekrom™ can only be caught in Pokémon White Version. Additionally, the two games feature different areas for the first time in the series, with the game world of Pokémon Black Version featuring a unique metropolitan area called Black City, and a lush, green area named White Forest only found in Pokémon White Version. Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version also mark the first time in a Pokémon video game that the seasons will change in the game world. Certain Pokémon appear more frequently during different seasons, and players can only access some areas during a specific season.

Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version let players start with one of three new Starter Pokémon - the Grass-type Snivy™, the Fire-type Tepig™ or the Water-type Oshawott™. Until the main story of the game is complete, every Pokémon that players encounter will have never been seen before in previous Pokémon games. The games also feature original boy and girl trainers who set out on an adventure in the new Unova region.

“Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version represent a generational leap forward for the renowned series, delivering an unprecedented number of new Pokémon to catch, battle and trade,” said Marc Franklin, Nintendo of America's director of Public Relations. “Whether you have played the Pokémon video games before or are just getting interested in them, you won't want to miss Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version.”

Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version are now available for pre-order from major retailers throughout North America for a suggested retail price of $34.99 each. A deposit may be required for pre-orders. See individual retailers for details.

Pokémon Names

N# English Japanese Romanized German French Spanish Italian Thumbnail
517 Munna ムンナ Munna Somniam Munna Munna Munna
519 Pidove マメパト Mamepato Dusselgurr Poichigeon Pidove Pidove
522 Blitzle シママ Shimama Elezeba Zébibron Blitzle Blitzle
526 Gigalith ギガイアス Gigaiath Brockoloss Gigalithe Gigalith Gigalith
551 Sandile メグロコ Meguroco Ganovil Mascaïman Sandile Sandile
555 Darmanitan ヒヒダルマ Hihidaruma Flampivian Darumacho Darmanitan Darmanitan
572 Minccino チラーミィ Chillarmy Picochilla Chinchidou Minccino Minccino
599 Klink ギアル Giaru Klikk Tic Klink Klink

Meet Professor Juniper

Professor Juniper (Professor Araragi アララギ博士) is a brilliant lady who lives in your hometown. As a Pokémon Researcher, she´ll play an important role throughout your journey. Before you begin your adventure, you´ll want to stop by her lab—she has an important task for you. Professor Juniper wants you to discover every Pokémon in the Unova region.

Random Matchup

Battle Random Trainers Around the World! In previous Pokémon games, Trainers had to exchange Friend Codes with other players to battle over Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection. Now, with the new Random Matchup mode, players can battle others around the globe without needing Friend Codes! A wireless broadband Internet connection and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection are required to battle others around the globe.


The Sights of Castelia City

The magnificent Castelia City (Hiun City ヒウンシティ) is the hub of the Unova region. This metropolis is full of things to do and people to meet! What adventures will you find when you explore the skyscraper-lined Castelia City? Huge signs atop the buildings give Castelia City a big-city feel.


Official Trailer

Move and Ability Names

The following Japanese attack names now have official English names. Moves: Sweep Slap (スイープビンタ) is now known as Tail Slap, Wild Bolt (ワイルドボルト) is now Wild Charge and Telekinesis (テレキネシス) doesn't change. Abilities: Brute Force (ちからずく) is now known as Sheer Force, Overconfident (じしんかじょう) is now known as Moxie, Pigeon Heart (はとむね) is now known as Big Pecks.

Source: Official Pokémon Black and White
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