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Biography Details: 中村勘九郎 (Kankurō Nakamura)
中村勘九郎 (Kankurō Nakamura)
First Name: 九郎 Kankurō
Last Name: 中村勘 Nakamura
Main Country: Japan Japan
Main Language: Japanese
Birthdate: 1981-10-31
Age : 41
Nakamura Kankurō VI is a Japanese kabuki, film, voice actor, narrator and television actor. He is a member of the Nakamura-ya acting guild.

After the announcement airing on Oha Suta on July 31st, 2020,, the official movie website updated with comments from the announced voice actors.

Zarude: The Mythical Pokémon that decided to raise Coco against the law of the forest. Voice: Kankuro Nakamura


Comment: I saw "Pokémon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back" (released in 1998) at the movie theater when I was in high school, and I also went to see "Mewtwo Strikes Back: EVOLUTION" which was released last year with my children. We spend a lot of time together at kabuki rehearsals, but our schedules usually don't allow us to spend time together, so going to see a movie like Pokémon with my children during those times is a valuable parent-child experience. When I was selected as a guest voice actor, I had always wanted to be an anime voice actor, and I was also happy to see that my first challenge as a voice actor was to work on the long-loved "Pokémon" series. I've learned so much from watching my kids since they were born, and I think this story is a story of Zarude's growth as it finds itself raising Coco. It's a story of parent-child love, and I'm a very tearful person, so when I read the script, I was crying the whole time. Kabuki actors form bonds as they carry on their traditions from generation to generation, and since Zarude are a Pokémon that keeps the rules, I had a lot of sympathy for it and was very touched by it.

ザルード 森の掟に反してココを育てることに決めた幻のポケモン。声|中村勘九郎 Comment
「劇場版ポケットモンスター ミュウツーの逆襲」(1998年公開)は、高校生の時に映画館で観ましたし、昨年公開した「ミュウツーの逆襲 EVOLUTION」も子供たちと一緒に観に行きました。僕たちは歌舞伎の稽古では長い時間一緒にいますが、なかなか普段遊びに行くのもスケジュールが合わないので、そういう時に子供たちと一緒に観に行けるポケモンのような作品は、貴重な親子の時間になりますね。ゲスト声優に抜擢されたときは、アニメの声優をやりたいとずっと思っていたのに加えて、初めて挑戦する声優のお仕事がこんなに長く愛されている「ポケモン」だというのが嬉しかったです。僕も子供が生まれてから、子供を見て学ぶことが本当にたくさんありますが、今回の物語はココを育てながら自分のことも見つけていくザルードの成長物語だと思います。“親子愛”の物語ですが、僕がとても涙もろいので、脚本を読んだ時もずっと泣いていました。歌舞伎俳優は、伝統を代々繋いでいく中で絆が生まれてくるものですが、ザルードも掟を守り続けているポケモンなので、共感できる部分も多くてグッとくるものがありました。
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  • United States Dada Zarude
  • Japan ザルード (とうちゃん)
  • Japan Zarude (Tō-chan)
  • Japan Dada Zarude