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Biography Details: 下野紘 (Hiro Shimono)
下野紘 (Hiro Shimono)
First Name: 紘 Hiro
Last Name: 下野 Shimono
Main Country: Japan Japan
Main Language: Japanese
Birthdate: 1980-04-21
Age : 43
Hiro Shimono is a Japanese voice actor and singer affiliated with the talent agency with I'm Enterprise. His official website is: http://shimonohiro.com/

PM2019 99 Press Release

On January 28th, 2021, the official Japanese anime Twitter account posted the official reveal of the voice actors for Marie and Nezu.

Comments from Hiro Shimono, who plays Nezu:
This isn't my first role in a Pocket Monsters TV series, but it's been quite a while since my other one, so I was a bit nervous about this... (laughs) But when I was at the dubbing session, I was entirely focused on doing my absolute best.

Nezu has some very particular preferences when it comes to Pokémon battling, but I'm able to relate to people like that... and once I started playing the character, I started liking him more and more; There are other sides to him as well, like how despite the way he looks, he's actually really fond of his sister Marie, he told us. I had lots of fun playing a character with such a deceptive appearance, so please look forward to seeing the Spike Siblings in action, okay?!

ネズ役 下野紘さんコメント
「ポケットモンスター」には今までも過去の TV シリーズに出演させて頂いたことがあったのですが、かなり久しぶりだったので少し緊張しつつ…(笑)気合を入れて頑張りたいなという想いで収録に臨みました。

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