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Title: Re: Best Wishes Anime Language
In the Movie 13 Ending, you will find a few instances of Anime Language too.

On the professor's newspaper:

Title of the newspaper: CD EFGHI
Article title: DEFGHIBC D
The letters visible in the newspaper half way down: JKLMNOP

It seems the TV he's watching has some anime language too.
Title: Re: Pokémon DP: Sinnoh League Victors DVD Box Sets Revealed
Quote From: Sunain
Seriously, I don't know about everyone else but my enthusiasm to buy these DVD's really has dropped. I've been keeping up to date with them because had them cheap. Especially with the movies, not being released in Bluray/HD really is annoying.

I was hoping they'd put SLV into a single box. :/ M14 isn't being released in English on BluRay?
Title: Re: Timeline Comparisons
He did mention Kenji/Tracey when speaking to Oak in a recent BW episode. Although I do agree saying he was 10 in the first episode was a bit of a slap in the face (but they're never consistent with ages, so we know he's been through 6 regions). Hopefully the BW League (assuming they follow the tournament style competition), he will use all his reserves for several 6-6 battles, so we know he's not THAT young...
Title: Timeline Comparisons
In relation to the games, I believe that Satoshi's story corresponds to the events prior to GSC/HGSS, despite any events that actually may have happened in GSC/HGSS or DPP (Lake of Rage, etc).

I say this because (in any long TV series, animation or not) writers tend to create enough characters/events in the show earlier on so that if show were to end, they could end it with the current characters at hand.

With the way BW was setup, Satoshi could have easily had another adventure before Isshu, and I can see the writers utilizing this. From as far as I know, we don't know how long between DP191-BW001 Satoshi stayed at his home for.

In GSC, we see Red in Mt. Silver where he supposedly trains. Satoshi made a friend with a Larvitar back in Johto near Mt. Silver. One can easily assume Satoshi whenever this anime actually ends, we can see him going back to Mt. Silver to train.

In AG132, Kikuko says she's the temporary Gym Leader. Unless a future game allows Sakaki to take back his place as the leader, I can see Shigeru (being the anime counterpart of Blue/Green) being a leader there, later down the road.

We also know the events of Raikou special at least take place prior to DP, which we can make many more assumptions. In DP, many speculated a BF arc. The issue arises with Cattleya (Caitlin). There was a second time skip in the games between DPP/HGSS to BW. They could not allow her to appear twice and with an aged appearance when Satoshi is meant to remain 10 if he were meet her twice.

In DP, the writers excluded the TR executives who appear ingame (and still are with BW).

Any thoughts?
Title: Re: Possible trend or just teasing from OLM?
Updated my opening post.

I had no problems with DP189. I just did not like how the previous battle was 3 episodes. I do have a problem with the fact they through in x amount of filler in the second half of DP, and than they rush a league.
Title: Re: Pocket Monsters Official Art
File: 15816527710041.jpg (800px x 1131px - 94.77 KiB)
Art for Ep 005 HYOGONOSUKE
Title: Re: Pocket Monsters Official Art
File: 15816527370080.jpg (800px x 1131px - 99.39 KiB)
Art for Ep 002 HYOGONOSUKE
Title: Re: Pocket Monsters Official Art
File: 15816518390079.jpg (2150px x 1518px - 549.64 KiB)
2020 Promotional art drawn by by character designer Shuhei Yasuda (安田周平)
Title: Re: Pocket Monsters Official Art
File: 15816517220030.jpg (4096px x 2892px - 946.46 KiB)
Christmas promotional art drawn by character designer Shuhei Yasuda
Title: Re: Pocket Monsters Official Art
File: 15816513930037.jpg (640px x 480px - 109.14 KiB)
Leon Promotional Art for PASH! Magazine