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Randomness makes the world go round. So, I guess I spin the world right 'round, baby right 'round. Kuru kuru kuru! And spin!

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Title: Re: Mario Kart 7 Community
FC: 5198-2411-2009

Mirror Race- 19-6580-6556-3505
Balloon Battle- 63-0715-9499-1511
Coin Runners- 21-0453-4000-0191
Title: Re: New anime series, Pocket Monsters Best Wishes, announced
Mustachioed man is named Don George.

Koromori is a combination of koro koro (the sound of rolling) and koumori (bat), replacing the 'u' in koumori with the "ro" of koro.

I do so very much hate the title though. So many better titles could have come from "BW" than "Best Wishes". Unless Satoshi/Ash is gonna have a Jirachi, they need to change the title >_>

It's probably a good thing Satoshi's new companion isn't the BW Protagonist♀, because she is old enough for Takeshi to hit on, and then we'd never get rid of him... and if he is coming back eventually, then at least the new companion is young enough that we wont be seeing him constantly hitting on her followed by the subsequent assault on his posterior (Oh Croagunk, I'll miss your poisonous kanchou-ing)
Title: Re: CoroCoro July 2010
In case no one noticed, Gearl's abilities are those of Plusle and Minun, meaning it can pair with either one with the opposite ability and have it activate. That's cool!
Title: Imite/Duplica
File: 12990478560027.jpg (600px x 480px - 81.63 KiB)
Looking better in other people's outfits since 1997.
Title: Frontier Brains
File: 12810002980043.jpg (1200px x 700px - 439.02 KiB)
Artist: ニゴ (nigo)

Image source:
Title: Fast Japanese artists are fast
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From Sunday 6/27/2010 at 12:28, only 4 hours after revealed on PokéSun.
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