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Home cooking is killing restaurant industry (and it's tasty)!
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Title: Re:
Great news. Hoping for a return of Haruka. Kamo.
Title: Re: XY 21: デビューです!セレナとフォッコでポケビジョン!!/Debut desu! Serena to Fokko de PokéVision!!/Time to Debut! PokéVision with Serena and Fokko!!
A horrible and disgusting episode that shows how far sexism has gone.
Title: Re: XY 8: ポケモントリマーとトリミアン!/Pokémon trimmer to Trimmien!/The Pokémon Groomer and Trimmien!
I'm making this post by request.

Episode was OK. Too much borrowed plot.
Title: Re: test
Title: Re: Voice Cast for Pocket Monsters XY revealed
Both will be back.
Title: Re: Mousepads @ Birdie 29
File: 15593483560034.jpg (5984px x 3392px - 1.14 MiB)
Title: Mousepads @ Birdie 29
File: 15593483180068.jpg (5984px x 3392px - 1.25 MiB)
I found these mousepads at [url=]Birdie[/url] 29.
Title: Some plushes at Birdie
File: 14318004190076.jpg (3264px x 1840px - 934.04 KiB)
I found some Pokémon for sale at [url=]Birdie 25[/url]
Title: Best Wishes Season 2 Episode N - 10
File: 13652767400057.png (1280px x 720px - 382.03 KiB)
Found a little drawing mistake that makes an arm look like it has been inside a mangle.
Those legs are scary.