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Title: Re: XY 12: ポケモンバイヤーを捕まえろ! コフーライ偽装作戦!!/Pokémon Buyer wo tsukamaero! Kofuurai gisō sakusen! !/Catch the Pokémon Buyers! Operation: Kofuurai Disguise!!
After a long x-mas break comes a new episode. In the meantime I managed to finally get a 3DS and to get Pokemon Y working. Therefore now I can see how much the anime correlates with the game environment and story. Also, I now know english names of the new Pokémon.
So, this is another episode about a Pokémon poacher. And this time, the entire episode is a filler. The villain is depicted in a very strange way so that it is obvious that he is an ass on the first look.
The story of the episode is somehow typical. Satoshi and friends get involved in the c(h)ase of this villain, decide to rescue the captured Pokemon and after a battle they manage to do so... And since this episode is about Scatterbug and various forms of Vivillons, there are many evolutions included. Somehow not surprising at all.
We also get a Citronic gear that works fine at the beginning but then in the middle of story it just randomly explodes for no reason. Well... whatever.
And the disguise, that is mentioned in the episode name? Well, it obviously failed, like all similiar lame attempts at disguise. And seriously, who could even think of trying to disguise Satoshi as a Spewpa? That's just a complete lack of common sense.
Despite the fact that the only real point of this episode is the existence of multiple Vivillon forms and the flaws it brings, it was somehow enjoyable a little bit. The story did not get any unneeded interruptions by Team Rocket or anything similiar, so eventually it was not a complete disaster. But still it is the worst episode of XY so far. Story-wise and also animation-wise. Not even the battle got any special animation effects, but at least the background was kept normal.

My rating:
Worst XY episode so far, probably the first absolute filler. Well, 99% filler, with 1% being Vivillon forms.
It is acceptable but this is not an episode that the creators should be proud of.
I hope the XY series will not continue in this way, since we have already seen this stuff several times, all over and over again.
I give it 5.
Title: Re: XY 11: 竹林の追跡!ヤンチャムとゴロンダ!!/Chikurin no tsuiseki! Yancham to Goronda!!/A Chase Through the Bamboo Grove! Yancham and Goronda!!
"That Goronda sure chose something hard to get to put in its mouth." eh.... ok, here we go.
This episode features two kinds of Panda Pokemon. The duo of little panda Pokémon Yancham, who are somehow similiar in attitude to a spoiled Teddiursa. And the big boss Panda Goronda, who pretends to be cool only as long as it has a... bamboo... in its mouth.
A big part in this episode is played by Team Rocket, who, despite the fact that in BW they were always credited together as a team after achieving something, just argue with each other here like a trio of totally brainless idiots. Yay for the lack of consistency.

Another kick in the crotch that consistency receives in this episode is Citron's invention, which translates the speech of Pokemon. Seriously, world full of humans cooperating with Pokemon, noone except Nyaasu, N and maybe a few chosen ones being able to fully understand their speech and suddenly a kid invents a working translation machine? This invention could completely change lives of thousands of humans and Pokémon in the whole world. And I bet that despite that, noone will remember this invention in any of the following episodes, leaving the invention of the millenium forgotten inder a pile of pointless fillers.

Anyway, this episode is not a complete filler. After unsuccessful attempt of Team Rocket to catch a Yancham, they surprisingly meet a new Pokemon, which Musashi manages to capture.., Just by throwing a ball at it. It was obvious that Team Rocket is going to get a new Pokemon sooner or later, since Maaiika and Wobbuffet are not enough. And Team Rocket always gets at least two new Pokémon per person at the beginning of each generation. If only they would try to catch something more often and not just at the beginning. There are wild Pokémon everywhere, even those who are easy to catch. And if you can afford to create monstrous mechadroids, buying a few PokéBalls must b e a breeze. Right, Team Rocket?

In this episode we also see a completely new kind of background graphics, featuring a lot of bamboos. Finally a forest that doesn't look the same as all the other forests in the anime :)
And it now seems to be almost certain that all the battles are going to have a better animation than episodes before XY. At least the abstract backgrounds behind an attacking Pokémon were replaced with real backgrounds using the environment around the characters. So.. one more annoying thing about Pokémon anime has been eliminated.
And in this episode, there is quite an interesting animation used in the last scene where Satoshi runs for... a bamboo.

My rating:
All in all, this episode was quite enjoyable, despite being almost a filler (except for Musashi catching a pumpkin).
I give it 8.
Title: Re: OVA 22: デントとタケシ!ギャラドスのげきりん!!/Dent to Takeshi! Gyarados no Gekirin!!
I didn't expect much from a special episode about two of my least favourite main characters of the Pokemon anime. The Pokemon breeder who is just lame in situations that might get him to actually breed if he wasn't such an ass. And a self-proclaimed sommelier of everything, the green-haired gay. But however distasteful the main characters are, this was actually quite an enjoyable episode. Some nice action scenes here and there, quite a fine animation and a new villain.
But for some reason even though these two used to travel with Satoshi (Dent leaving Satoshi without warning in something like a 5.minute decision), they didn't tell each other, even though they were dancing around it during the whole episode. It makes this episode feel somehow.. incomplete.

My rating:
For an episode with only Dent and Takeshi as the main characters, it was quite good.
I give it 8.
Title: Re: XY 10: ハリマロンVSメガメガニャース!!/Harimaron VS Mega Mega Nyarth!!/Harimaron VS Mega Mega Nyarth!!
So.. In this episode Serena decides that Satoshi & co. will stay in Miare a little longer and visit dat Platan.
It is somehow obvious who will get which Pokemon in this episode. Just one shot at a certain someone spills all the secrets of this episode.. Well, not all of them.
It does not cover the contrast between Team Rocket's professionality and th the same time complete idiocy in this episode. On one hand they have a plan, they kidnap a professor using a van and they have hacking skills beyond Neo (seriously, implemending "data on Mega Evolutions" into your own mecha just by "downloading" the data? Do all scientists in the Pokemon world use the same format for all research data and for electronics firmware?). But they also completely fail in several things. When they are supposedto leave the laboratory as far as possible before someone notices that the professor has been kidnapped, they just slack off and wait so long that two children actually manage to get into their van. Also, they build a Nyaasu-controlled mecha vehicle. Fine.. But.. a vehicle which needs a wire to be connected to its primary power source? What the hell? That is not how you do serious criminal business.
And some extra logic: The professor just conveniently has ALL of his research data on an SD-card in his pocket. I guess he really loves to to backup his data if he his pocket always contains a copy of an up-to-date version of all his research.
But good things happened in this episode as well. Serena and Eureka parodying the Team Rocket, addition of a new Pokemon to Satoshi & co, and a revelation of... Well, maybe a way too sudden revelation.

My rating:
An episode with the purpose to introduce a new Pokemon to the team. However, it is somehow forced. Something like "hey, let's suddenly go there instead of there", unexpectedly meet Team Rocket who are conducting some plan of theirs there and base the reason why the Pokemon joins Satoshi & co. only on this experience. Team Rocket is not really a good choice for a plot engine.
Despite all that, this episode had some good moments as well.
I give it 7.
Title: Re: XY 9: ミアレジム攻略!シトロンの秘密!! Retake the Miare Gym! Citron\'s Secret!!
PokéLogic strikes again. During the past approximately 800 episodes the anime has taught us, how important it is for a trainer to be a friend of his Pokémon, to share the feelings, link their hearts, etc. And suddenly there is a computer being a Gym leader. All common sense lost.
In addition to this, the robot looks very lame.

Another thing that is hard to understand here is why the hell did Citron have to use a voice code and a battle to be able to reprogram the robot? They could have just ambushed the robot with several Pokemon at once, unplug its power source, erase memory, reprogram, and job done. It feels like the Japanese are somehow promoting an AI to the same level as a living real human. I think they will be very disappointed sooner or later.

And speaking of logic... How did someone like Citron become a Gym leader in the first place?

I am really not sure what to think about this episode. We did find out something important about Citrons past after all and the suspicion that was almost obvious (aside from the robot) since the first episode has been finally confirmed. And there was one of these battles with that different kind of animation. But still this episode was lacking something. And by something I don't mean Team Rocket. If they appeared in an episode like this, they would ruin it completely.

My rating:
It could be a full-blown episode, but the lack of logic and a completely lame-looking robot holds it back.
I give it 8.
Title: Munna
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Title: Zorua
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Title: Tsutaaja
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