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01 Jan 2012 10:19 AM
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In BW's first episode the narrator says Ash is still 10, which is completely unbelieveable. They also redesigned Ash's character to make him look younger again, unlike in the AG and DP series where he actually looked older and more mature.

My guess is now that the anime has gone on for 15 years, the writers feel most of the original fans have moved on from the show and no longer watch, so they're doing this "soft reboot" of the series where it almost makes it feel like BW is a remake of the original series.

I think the reason Iris and Cilan are so similar to Misty/Brock is this is intended to be a new take on Kanto, almost as if the previous sagas never happened. Ash never brings up old friends or his old pokemon, and older characters have been disappearing for good.

Just look at what happened to Misty and Tracey, they no longer apppear anymore whatsoever, and I think the same is going to happen to everyone else.
16 Dec 2011 06:41 PM
Joined: 04 Apr 2009
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Best Wishes tries to be like the original series and DP at the same time, but I don't think it's succeeding in either form.

Iris and Cilan feel like the writers second attempt on Misty and Brock. Makes you wonder why they didn't just use the original trio instead of such similar characters. I guess now we know why Misty has been ignored and forgotten, we have Iris now.
16 Dec 2011 11:42 AM
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Quote From: Chance
I only remember them in 1, or 2 episodes at best... and they're supposed to be the main villains! I know they're focusing on the Rocket Gang at the moment (and I'm certainly NOT going to complain about that), but still...

Aside from the 2-parter they were supposed to be in, Team Plasma haven't appeared at ALL in BW so far.

Looks like one of Cilan's Pokemon evolves, that is good.
25 Nov 2011 11:20 AM
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Quote From: Chance

Unlike Dent, which is a perfect replacement for Takeshi in the BW series, with its own unique personality, Kenji was a really poor one... he was nothing but a pale copy of the character he was supposed to replace, minus the insane love for (beautiful) women.

Yes yes, I do like Cilan. It did seem like Brock was going to leave the show here too at the end of Johto, but I already knew about him returning for AG so his return was spoiled for me.

I suppose Misty was never brought back because May was just too popular, and they didn't want to go back to an older character. So May replacing Misty became permanent, even if it might not have been intended at first.
19 Nov 2011 12:36 AM
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Its been a while since I've seen this episode so I watched it again recently. As a goodbye episode it was fairly well done. Its kind of ironic looking back at this episode now, knowing that Misty never does come back to the show in any of the following arcs. Her departure from the series was quite permanent and she has remained off the series for 9 years.

Did the writers originally plan to have Misty leave for good, or was she originally intended to come back like when Tracey replaced Brock, but then they brought Brock back? I always assumed she stayed gone because May was more popular and everyone liked the Contests, so they had no reason to bring her back. I wasn't online when AG was airing back in 2003-2006, but from what I've read online May was the most popular character in the series at the time so the writers decided not to bring Misty back. Its also why May came back for Battle Frontier and the DP saga's Wallace Cup and Misty didn't appear at all. I would have liked to see Misty still appear in the series, but I know she's probably not going to.

I suppose if we see anyone in Best Wishes it'll be Dawn though if the pattern holds.
Last edited 19 Nov 2011 12:37 AM by precita
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Posted by: precita on 21 Sep 2011 20:42:54 (No. 14186)
I imagine the reason Dawn is the only pokemon character there is because she was a brand new character back in 2007. DP had only been airing for 4 months back then.

If they did one for 2011, I wouldn't be surprised if Iris and Cilan were there instead.
Posted by: precita on 05 Feb 2011 02:02:56 (No. 11633)
It amazes me how the only way Misty appears is through photo's or objects, but the character herself never actually appears anymore.

Anyone the Hoenn group has the best pic on the wall.
Posted by: precita on 23 Jul 2010 23:26:45 (No. 7464)
You see, they're slowly but surely trying to rewrite the series to erase Misty's existence in it entirely.

The Japanese writers have already decided to never put her in another episode again, which is why she wasn't allowed to appear in DP but other popular characters like May and Gary were, and now they're trying to rewrite the older seasons to erase her existence in the show.

j/k :p

Funny though,no Johto filler arc in DP like AG's Battle Frontier.
Posted by: precita on 01 May 2010 19:39:20 (No. 5710)
LOL. Cartoon Network is full of fail.