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Character Names
  • English / United States: Falkner
  • Japanese / Japan: ハヤト
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Hayato
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Hayato
Voice Actors
Falkner is the Gym Leader of the Violet Gym. He first appears to help rescue Pikachu, who had just been taken from Ash Ketchum by Team Rocket. He flies in on a hang-glider with Falkner's Hoothoot, and commands it to rescue Pikachu from Team Rocket. He is then attacked by Jessie's Arbok, which causes him to send out his Falkner's Pidgeot. The Pokémon fight, and ultimately Falkner's Pidgeot is able to defeat Team Rocket.

Falkner then returns Pikachu to Ash Ketchum, who is reminded of Ash's Pidgeot upon seeing Falkner's Pidgeot. Falkner mentions that he wants to become the strongest trainer of Flying-type Pokémon. Ash Ketchum asks him why he was using a hang-glider, to which he responds that he wants to understand how Flying-type Pokémon feel in the sky. He notices Pikachu and mentions how he doesn't like how people believe Flying-type Pokémon are weak against Electric-type Pokémon. Misty sympathizes with him, saying how people say the same thing about Water-type Pokémon. Falkner reveals that he is actually the gym leader of Violet City, to the surprise of everyone. Ash Ketchum then challenges him to a gym match.

Falkner's gym is an outdoor battlefield with an open sky for his Flying-type Pokémon. The match against Ash Ketchum is a 3-on-3 match. Falkner uses Falkner's Hoothoot first, but is surprised when Ash Ketchum decides to use Ash's Chikorita, a Grass-type Pokémon. As expected, Falkner's Hoothoot defeats Ash's Chikorita easily. Ash Ketchum then uses Pikachu, who is able to take out Falkner's Hoothoot quickly. Falkner then uses Falkner's Dodrio, who is defeated after a hard fought battle with Pikachu. Falkner's last Pokémon, Falkner's Pidgeot, is able to take out Pikachu almost instantly. Down to their last Pokémon each, Falkner's Pidgeot faces off against Ash's Charizard. Ash's Charizard is able to win, despite a valiant effort from Falkner's Pidgeot. This battle marks the first victory at a Pokémon Gym for Ash Ketchum in the Johto League.

Falkner congratulates Ash Ketchum on his victory and grants him the Zephyr Badge. He says that he will continue to train hard and become the strongest trainer of Flying-type Pokémon and wishes Ash Ketchum good luck in the Johto League.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Falkner's Dodrio
  • Japan ハヤトのドードリオ
  • Japan Hayato no Dodorio
  • Japan Hayato's Dodorio
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Falkner's Hoothoot
  • Japan ハヤトのホーホー
  • Japan Hayato no Hoho
  • Japan Hayato's Hoho
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Falkner's Pidgeot
  • Japan ハヤトのピジョット
  • Japan Hayato no Pigeot
  • Japan Hayato's Pigeot