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Biography Details: 田邊幸輔 (Kohsuke Tanabe)
田邊幸輔 (Kohsuke Tanabe)
First Name: 幸輔 Kohsuke
Last Name: 田邊 Tanabe
Main Country: Japan Japan
Main Language: Japanese
Kohsuke Tanabe is a Japanese voice actor born in Tokyo, Japan that is affiliated with the talent agency Aoni Production. His Twitter account is: @kohsukeT_nabe
Characters Portrayed
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  • United States Oleana's Subordinate
  • Japan オリーヴの警備員
  • Japan Olive no Anchisukiru
  • Japan Olive's Guard
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Roark
  • Japan ヒョウタ
  • Japan Hyōta
  • Japan Hyouta
Character Thumbnail
  • Japan シュンヤ
  • Japan Shunya
  • Japan Shunya
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  • United States Team Yell Grunts
  • Japan エール団員
  • Japan Yell-danin
  • Japan Yell Gang Grunts
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  • Japan ワイルドエリアの食材屋
  • Japan Wild Area no Shokuzai
  • Japan Wild Area Ingredient Seller
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  • United States Falkner
  • Japan ハヤト
  • Japan Hayato
  • Japan Hayato