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Grandma Wilma's Altaria


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Grandma Wilma's Altaria
  • Flag タツばあさんのチルタリス
  • Flag Tatsu Baasan no Tyltalis
  • Flag Grandma Tatsu's Tyltalis
Grandma Wilma's Altaria is a Pokémon that Grandma Wilma is training in learning Draco Meteor. When Ash Ketchum and his friends got lost in a forest en route to Daybreak Town and Dawn's next Pokémon Contest, they noticed Altaria's Draco Meteor attack in the sky, and rushed towards the site they saw it come from. When they reached it, they saw Grandma Wilma training with Altaria in perfecting Draco Meteor. After successfully avoiding getting hit by the falling meteors that came from Altaria's attack, Grandma Wilma introduced herself and the Altaria she was training to Ash Ketchum, Dawn and Brock, and explained to them that the move they had just witnessed Altaria using was Draco Meteor. Grandma Wilma praised Altaria's skills while talking to Ash Ketchum and his friends, saying that she was sure Altaria's training would be over soon and that it had almost mastered the powerful Dragon-type move. Later, Team Rocket showed up during the training session Ash Ketchum and his friends were watching, and stole Altaria from Grandma Wilma using a plastic capsule. Ash Ketchum and Dawn, along with Brock who was carrying Grandma Wilma on his back, then, started chasing after them. While Altaria was seperated from Grandma Wilma, it tried to escape on its own by using powerful moves, such as Ice Beam, to break the capsule it was trapped into. Even though it managed to break it, Team Rocket found a way to stop it from escaping. In the end, though, Ash Ketchum and co. managed to catch up to them, and after they defeated Team Rocket in a battle, with the help of Ash's Gible (who was still a wild Gible at the time), Grandma Wilma got reunited with Altaria. Altaria is shown to have developed a really strong bond with Grandma Wilma, even though it's a Pokémon she is just training in learning Draco Meteor and it doesn't belong to her. This is more evident when Grandma Wilma got really upset after Team Rocket stole Altaria from her.