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Ash's Gible

Character Names
  • English / United States: Ash's Gible
  • Japanese / Japan: サトシのフカマル
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Satoshi no Fukamaru
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Satoshi's Fukamaru
Voice Actors
While it was still a wild Pokémon, Ash's Gible used to live in a forest near Grandma Wilma's house. When Ash Ketchum and his friends went by there, it showed up, because according to Grandma Wilma, it had taken an interest in them. When Ash Ketchum tried to greet it, though, it started biting on his head. It was later calmed down by Grandma Wilma and left to go back to the forest.

It came back when Grandma Wilma was training with Altaria in perfecting Draco Meteor, after Ash Ketchum and his friends asked her to do so, so that they could witness how she teaches the special Dragon-type move to Pokémon. It showed that it was trying to learn Draco Meteor too, after it had been watching Grandma Wilma practice with Altaria all this time. However, it had problems launching a successful Draco Meteor, and even though it also practiced with Ash Ketchum in perfecting the Dragon-type move, his attack just kept failing and hitting Dawn's Piplup all the time. It later appeared before Ash Ketchum and Dawn when they were chasing after Team Rocket, but, instead of showing them a shortcut to the mountain the evil team was heading to, it led them to a tree which had numerous berries it kept munching on. It then reappeared as Ash Ketchum was falling from a cliff, and saved him from falling down. Ash Ketchum then hang on to it, and Gible helped him reach the top of the cliff. Ash's Gible also appeared before Team Rocket, and started eating their Altaria-looking mecha out of the blue. It later engaged into a battle with Jessie's Seviper , but it was quickly worn out by using a powerful Dragon Pulse attack which Jessie's Seviper managed to dodge. However, when Ash Ketchum and co. finally caught up to Team Rocket, it joined them in battling against the evil team and even managed to launch a successful Draco Meteor attack. It was later proved that this was just a one-time thing, though, as the next attempt at a Draco Meteor led to an unsuccessful attack landing on Dawn's Piplup again. After the fight, Ash Ketchum and his friends said farewell to Grandma Wilma and Grandma Wilma's Altaria and left the forest, unaware that the Land Shark Pokémon was following them.

Following Ash

Gible followed Ash Ketchum and co. all the way to the next town they reached en route to Daybreak Town. There, after thwarting Team Rocket's plans (who were also secretly following Ash Ketchum and his friends in hopes of catching Pikachu with their new mecha) in an unorthodox way as it actually ate Blastobot Two, it appeared before Ash Ketchum, showing signs of willingness to be captured. However, when he threw a Poké Ball at it, it ate it instead of letting itself be caught.

Later, the town's Officer Jenny appeared and informed Ash Ketchum, Dawn and Brock that Gible had been causing an uproar by munching on various things in the town, leaving them bitten and destroyed. Ash Ketchum then scolded it, but the Land Shark Pokémon didn't seem to understand what he said, as it kept biting on things. It even went as far as to eat Barry's bike, who bumped into Ash Ketchum when he was chasing after Gible. Barry, furious that he lost his bike, called upon his Empoleon in order to battle and catch it. A powerful Hydro Cannon attack, though, coming from Barry's Empoleon sent Gible blasting off. Ash Ketchum then went after it, and managed to save it from falling down a cliff, only to lose it again, this time because of Team Rocket. In the end, though, Pikachu assisted him in destroying Team Rocket's Robo-Recycled Blastobot, and Gible let itself be caught by Ash Ketchum in order to show its gratitude to him for saving it.

Barry, seeing that Ash Ketchum managed to catch Gible before him, became angry and challenged Ash Ketchum to a battle. Barry chose his Empoleon and Ash Ketchum chose his newly-caught Gible. Even though at first Ash's Gible put up a great fight against his overall stronger opponent, managing to dodge some of Barry's Empoleon's moves, it stopped listening to Ash Ketchum's orders towards the end of the battle and that led to its defeat. It promised, however, to be more obedient from then on.

On the way to Sunyshore City

In a meadow en route to Sunyshore City, Ash Ketchum decided to train with his Gible so that it could become better at using Draco Meteor. However, every time it used the move, it kept failing and hit Dawn's Piplup instead. Dawn's Piplup, having had enough, yelled at Ash's Gible, but the Land Shark Pokémon ignored it. The Penguin Pokémon then unleashed its BubbleBeam and Whirlpool attacks on Ash's Gible. Seeing as the group didn't seem to care for it, though, Dawn's Piplup wandered off into the nearby forest by itself.

During the search for Dawn's Piplup and Pikachu, who had gone missing after a stray Rhyperior ambushed the group, Ash's Gible used Draco Meteor in order to find the Penguin Pokémon. The group headed to where the Draco Meteor attack landed, and found both Pikachu and Dawn's Piplup trapped inside a cage. Due to the stray Rhyperior attacking again, however, the two Pokémon managed to break free from Team Rocket's trap and were reunited with their Trainers. Then, Ash Ketchum and Dawn, as well as Ash's Gible, apologized to Dawn's Piplup. Ash Ketchum and his Gible also promised to be more careful when using Draco Meteor from then on.
Series Title
DP 157 Gotta Get a Gible!フカマル! ゲットだぜ!!Fukamaru! Get it!!
DP 158 Regaining the Home Advantage!爆走!ジバコイルVSメタグロス!!Roaring Around! Jibacoil VS Metagross!!
DP 159 Short and To the Punch唸れ れいとうパンチ!ブイゼルVSバリヤード!!Roar, Ice Punch! Buoysel VS Barrierd!!
Movie 13 Pokémon Zoroark: Master of Illusions幻影の覇者 ゾロアークThe Ruler of Illusions Zoroark
DP 164 Piplup, Up and Away!ポッチャマはぐれる!Pochama Runs Away!
DP 166 The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!発進!ナギサタワー!!Takeoff! Nagisa Tower!!
DP 167 Teaching the Student Teacher!海辺のポケモンスクール!The Pokémon School at the Beach!
DP 168 Keeping in Top Forme!飛べシェイミ!空の彼方へ!!Fly Shaymin! Beyond the Sky!!
DP 172 With the Easiest of Grace!トゲキッス! 華麗なるバトル!!Togekiss! A Battle of Splendor!!
DP 173 Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama!メタモン・へんしんバトル!本物はドッチ~ニョ!?Metamon Transform Battle! Which One~ is it that's Real!?
DP 174 Last Call, First Round!グランドフェスティバル開幕! 炎と氷のアート!!The Grand Festival Begins! The Art of Flame and Ice!!
DP 175 Opposites Interact!マンムー、バチリス!決めろ氷のシャンデリア!!Manmoo, Pachirisu! Finish it with Ice Chandelier!!
DP 181 Bucking the Treasure Trend!トレジャーハンター・バクとヤジロン!Treasure Hunter Baku and Yajiron!
PTSV 7 ピカチュウのふしぎなふしぎな大冒険Pikachu's Really Mysterious Adventure
DP 185 Working on a Right Move!恐怖のトリックルーム!サトシ対コウヘイ!!The Trick Room of Terror! Satoshi VS Kohei!!
DP 189 The Semi-Final Frontier!シンオウリーグ準決勝!ダークライ登場!!Sinnoh League Semifinal! Darkrai Appears!!
Special 0 ピカチュウのふしぎなふしぎな大冒険Pikachu's Really Mysterious Adventure
BWS2DA 20 Dream Continues!オレの夢、ポケモンマスター!!My Dream: Pokémon Master!!
PM2019 114 炎の特訓バトル!サトシ対シンジ!!/Fire Training Battle! Satoshi VS Shinji!!
PM2019 118 サトシ出陣!VSダイゴ!!/Satoshi Heads Into Battle! VS Daigo!!