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Elesa's Zebstrika

Character Names
  • English / United States: Elesa's Zebstrika
  • Japanese / Japan: カミツレのゼブライカ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Kamitsure no Zebraika
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Kamitsure's Zebraika
Voice Actors
Elesa's Zebstrika is a very powerful, fast and strong Pokémon and it proved this during the gym battle against Bianca's Minccino, Bianca's Pignite and Bianca's Shelmet by defeating all of them. It didn't seem to even battle with much effort as it swiftly defeated all of Bianca's Pokémon.

Battle against Ash's Palpitoad

Elesa's Zebstrika was also used in her Gym battle against Ash's Palpitoad. Due to Palpitoad being part Ground-type, Zebstrika was unable to use its strongest attack, Wild Charge. After dodging Palpitoad's Mud Shot, Elesa ordered her Zebstrika to repeatedly use Flame Charge, even though it was ineffective against Ash's Palpitoad, a part Water-type Pokémon, in order to boost its speed, and thus, it was able to dodge Palpitoad's Hydro Pump attack. Zebstrika's Double Kick attacks that followed made Palpitoad dizzy, and in an attempt to finish the battle, Elesa ordered Zebstrika to use Quick Attack. However, Ash's Palpitoad endured the attack and managed to beat Elesa's Zebstrika using a combination of its Supersonic, Hydro Pump and Mud Shot attacks.
Known Moveset
Double Kick Type
First Seen: BW 51
Finished off Bel's Shelmet with the powerful kick
Flame Charge Type
First Seen: BW 51
Caused a lot of dirt to be thrown into the air making it hard for opponents to see when it was about to strike
Wild Charge Type
First Seen: BW 51
A powerful striking attack
Quick Attack Type
First Seen: BW 52
Kamitsure ordered her Zebraika to use this move in an attempt to finish off Satoshi's Gamagaru, but Gamagaru withstood it