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Ricard Nouveau

Character Names
  • English / United States: Ricard Nouveau
  • Japanese / Japan: ピノ・ノワール
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Pinot Noir
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Pinot Noir
Voice Actors
Ricard Nouveau is the other A-class Pokémon Sommelier other than Cilan that Mr. Hatterly invited to be brought to his house so that they could determine which Pokémon would be best for Marigold first Pokémon. Ricard Nouveau described himself as having outstanding intelligence, stamina, observing eyes and expressiveness. He already had heard about Cilan and how he was an excellent Pokémon Sommelier despite his young age. Ricard Nouveau appears to be middle aged and has had a lot of experience as being a Pokémon Sommelier.

During his tasting time, Ricard Nouveau determined that what is important for a first Pokémon is the coordination with its Trainer and that a marriage in which each makes the other look cuter and more beautiful would be ideal. He believed that Tuline was the most suitable candidate for Marigold as the prettiness unique to Grass types, the cute appearance and the possibility of a gorgeous evolution were all perfectly suited for her. Cilan didn't completely disagree with Ricard Nouveau's choice though but he sensed that it wasn't a perfect selection.

Pokémon battle vs Cilan

Despite their disagreement, Mr. Hatterly suggested the two have a Pokémon battle to determine which A-class Pokémon Sommelier would get to choose the Pokémon for Marigold. The battle was a 1-on-1 affair and Ricard Nouveau's Purrloin was sent out to face Cilan's Crustle. Ricard Nouveau said his Choroneko's speed and power even surpasses its evolved form Lepardas. During the battle, Ricard Nouveau noted that Cilan's Crustle was a good choice for Cilan in that it's faithful to the basics but that alone was nothing but an ordinary and boring tasting. He expanded by saying that selecting Iwapalace, who is both a Rock and a Bug type, against Choroneko, a Dark type, is a standard reaction. He suggested to Cilan that an A-class Sommelier needed to have more unpredictability which Cilan's Crustle showed by coming out of its shell and using Rock Wrecker to defeat Ricard Nouveau's Purrloin. Ricard Nouveau admitted that Cilan's Crustle hid an unexpected flavor.

When Cilan chose Tamagetake as Marigold partner, he initially thought that fashion-wise, they weren't really a match but after he saw the bond between the two he admitted that he lost the tasting compatibility to Cilan but vowed to beat him the next time they met.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ricard Nouveau's Purrloin
  • Japan ピノ・ノワールのチョロネコ
  • Japan Pinot Noir no Choroneko
  • Japan Pinot Noir's Choroneko