Character Information:

Ricard Nouveau's Purrloin


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Ricard Nouveau's Purrloin
  • Flag ピノ・ノワールのチョロネコ
  • Flag Pinot Noir no Choroneko
  • Flag Pinot Noir's Choroneko
Voiced By:
Mr. Hatterly suggested the two have a Pokémon battle to determine which A-class Pokémon Sommelier would get to choose the Pokémon for Marigold. The battle was a 1-on-1 affair and Ricard Nouveau's Purrloin was sent out to face Cilan's Crustle.

Ricard Nouveau said his Choroneko's speed and power even surpasses its evolved form Lepardas. It showed its speed early on in the battle and Cilan's Crustle had a hard time hitting it. During the battle, Ricard Nouveau noted that Cilan's Crustle was a good choice for Cilan in that it's faithful to the basics but that alone was nothing but an ordinary and boring tasting. He expanded by saying that selecting Iwapalace, who is both a Rock and a Bug type, against Choroneko, a Dark type, is a standard reaction. He suggested to Cilan that an A-class Sommelier needed to have more unpredictability which Cilan's Crustle showed by coming out of its shell and using Rock Wrecker to defeat Ricard Nouveau's Purrloin. Ricard Nouveau admitted that Cilan's Crustle hid an unexpected flavor.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Fury Swipes Type BW 82 In combination with its movement speed, it proved to be a good attack against Cilan's Crustle
Night Slash Type BW 82 Cilan's Crustle was able to dodge it