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Shigeki Morimoto


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  • Flag Shigeki Morimoto
  • Flag 森本茂樹
  • Flag Shigeki Morimoto
Shigeki Morimoto is a game designer and programmer at Game Freak. He has been involved with the Pokémon game series since Red and Green where he was a programmer and the creator of the Pokémon battle system. He is the person that created the Pokémon Mew. He has appeared on the television show Pokémon Smash numerous times to help out the crew with their battle skills by giving battle lectures. He has also been a spectator/judge in the Smash tournaments.
Series Title
Smash 21 Pull Yourself Together, Lisyan! / Game Designer Morimoto from Game Freak Invited to a Training Gathering! / A battle between Morimoto and Group Member Yamamoto!/シャンとしてリーシャン! / ゲームフリークの森本さん(ゲームデザイナー)をお迎えしてバトルの集中特訓!/森本さんと山本隊員がバトル!
Smash 52 史上最悪のトゲピー! / 「第4回ポケスマ最強王者決定戦」開催、歴代王者の馬場隊員(第1回)・しょこたん部長(第2回)・山本隊員(第3回)の結果は?/The Most Horrible Togepi of All Time! / The '4th PokéSma Champion Match' is Being Held, Who will be the Next Champion in Line After Group Member Baba (1st), Director Shoko-tan (2nd) and Group Member Yamamoto (3rd)?
Smash 117 Satoshi VS Kotetsu! The Secret Weapon: Sazandora!! / The 5th PokéSma Champion Position Tournament, where the Previous Champion Director Shoko-tan, the Original Champion Group Member Baba and the 3rd Champion Group Member Yamamoto All Compete for Victory!/サトシ対コテツ! 秘密兵器サザンドラ!! / 第5回ポケスマ最強王座決定大会、前回王者のしょこたん部長に初代王者・馬場隊員や第3回王者・山本隊員らが挑む!
Smash 146 Rentorer's Eyes! / Playing the Tabletop Game 'Pokémania?' with Special Guest Kintalo / Instructor Takei Tests Robert for the World Championships!/レントラーの瞳! / 特別ゲストのキンタローとともにテーブルゲーム「ポケマニア?」に挑戦 / 世界大会に向けて、武井教官がロバートをテスト!
Smash 147 Crecelia VS Darkrai! / Robert Hurriedly Get Called in to Help Out with the 'Pokémon Game Show' Event! / A Report on the Pokémon Movie Premiere Showing!/クレセリアVSダークライ! / イベント「ポケモンゲームショー」に協力するためロバートが緊急出動! / ポケモン映画公開初日のレポート!
Smash 150 Another Legend of Celebi / A Report from the Pokémon World Championships 2013 / A Showcase of Mega Evolving Pokémon & Battles with Mega Evolved Pokémon!/もうひとつのセレビィ伝説 / ポケモンワールドチャンピオンシップス2013の模様を放送 / メガシンカするポケモンを大公開&メガシンカしたポケモンでバトル!
Smash 152 Beauty and the Beast!? Dirteng and Joy! / Chief Golgo has a Nostalgic Reunion with his Old Classmates, as 'Pokémon XY Champion' is Held at His Old School!? / A Report from the Pokémon Game Show!/美女と野獣!? ダーテングとジョーイさん! / ゴルゴ所長の母校で「ポケモンXY選手権」、ゴルゴ所長が懐かしい同級生と再会!? / ポケモンゲームショーの模様!
Smash 155 最後のポケスマ最強王座決定戦 / ポケモンバトル名珍場面集 / ミサキVSゲームフリーク・森本さんのXYエキシビションマッチ!The Final PokéSma Champion Position Match / A Compilation of the Best and Strangest Moments from Pokémon Battles / An XY Exhibition Match between Misaki and Morimoto!
Special 0 『ポケットモンスター X・Y』発売記念祭り~ゲームのすゝめ 二編Pocket Monsters XY Launch Festival: Game Tips
POKENCHI 26 人気者たちが続々登場してポケモングッズを紹介 / ポケモン新作ソフトの特別映像を開発者が語る! / バトル「大谷凜香 VS 視聴者」!Celebrities Show Up One After Another to Showcase Pokémon Merchandise / The Developers Talk About the Special Footage of the New Pokémon Games! / Battle: Rinka Otani VS a Television Viewer!