Character Information:

Valerie's Sylveon


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Valerie's Sylveon
  • Flag マーシュのニンフィア
  • Flag Mâche no Nymphia
Valerie's Sylveon attempted to cheer up Valerie when she was concerned about finding some models for her Florges and Lisyan patterns that were part of the Furisode Collection.

During the Gym battle against Ash Ketchum, it faced off against Ash's Fletchinder in the first match up. Valerie talked to her Sylveon in Pokémon language and it was able to more or less understand what she wanted to do. Valerie's Sylveon being a Fairy type is delicate but strong. It used its tail ribbons to its advantage during the battle to capture Ash's Fletchinder from moving about but he countered that but charging right into Sylveon with Flame Charge. The battle came to a climax when the two charged at each other with Giga Impact and Steel Wing but Ash's Fletchinder came out victorious and knocked out Valerie's Sylveon to win the first match-up.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Giga Impact Type XY 74 Tried to knock out Hinoyakoma but it countered with Steel Wing and it knocked out Nymphia.
Disarming Voice Type XY 74 Mâche thought Hinoyakoma was a formidable opponent and used the move as the first attack in the battle.
Fairy Wind Type XY 74 Citron was amazed at its power.