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Goh's Farfetch'd

Character Names
  • English / United States: Goh's Farfetch'd
  • Japanese / Japan: ゴウのカモネギ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Go no Kamonegi
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Go's Kamonegi
Voice Actors
While walking around for Pokémon Orienteering in Vermilion City, the kids he was with saw this Farfetch'd walking across the road. Goh initial two attempts to catch it with a Poké Ball failed as it used its leek like a baseball bat to hit the balls away. On the third sighting at the end of the day, he used a change up through which made Farfetch'd swing and miss the Poké Ball, allowing Goh to catch it.
Known Moveset
Night Slash Type
First Seen: PM2019 27
The Galarian Farfetch'd defended it with its big leek.
Double Team Type
First Seen: PM2019 30
Riolu used Vacuum Wave on every Farfetch'd.
Cut Type
First Seen: PM2019 32
Cut down some tall grass in the Ilex Forest.