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  • Flag Regina
  • Flag レジーナ
  • Flag Regina
  • Flag Regina
A girl named Regina who has a partner Glacia named "Micie" transferred to Goh and Chloe's class. The new student was the same girl that Chloe had seen in the park with a Glacia! Regina had an attitude that keep people away from her. At her school, she had been teased by bullies because she looked like the Ice Queen in the picture books and posters.

Her Glacia is very protective of Regina because of the bullying and it ended up freezing Ash Ketchum, Goh and Chloe thinking they were going to bully her too. Realizing she might be in trouble for freezing them because she was meeting with the teacher in private, they tried to say it wasn't her fault but the teacher wasn't getting Regina in trouble and was just telling her about the school in detail as she was a new student.

After explaining the situation to her parents while Micie was being treated by Professor Cerise, she then became friends with Chloe and upon returning back to her school, she participated in Pokémon battles. She then sent a snow globe with a Glacia as a present to Chloe with a letter.
Owned Pokémon
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  • United States Regina's Glaceon (Mirche)
  • Japan レジーナのグレイシア(ミーチェ)
  • Japan Regina no Glacia (Micie)
  • Japan Regina's Glacia (Micie)