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Character Names
  • English / United States: Giovanni
  • Japanese / Japan: サカキ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Sakaki
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Sakaki
  • French / France: Giovanni
Voice Actors
Giovanni is the leader and boss of Team Rocket. A charismatic man to any outsider, his ambitions to take over the world using Pokémon was unknown to many, thus allowing him to have a powerful role as a Gym Leader in Viridian City. When the player (Red, Leaf, Chase, or Elaine) defeated him multiple times in the Kanto based games, he ended up retiring in shame as leader of Team Rocket and Gym Leader.

Two years later, in the Johto based games, as he planned to revive Team Rocket, he was thwarted by Ethan or Lyra after being transported back in time by Celebi. This caused him to be further entrenched in shame, and never to return to Team Rocket, instead traveling the world.

Due to his status as the leader of Team Rocket staying unknown, he was invited to the Pokémon World Tournament in Unova, where he was fought and beaten by the player (Nate or Rosa).

There also is an alternate universe version of Giovanni, having managed to take over the world and harness the power of multi-dimensional travel. This version of Giovanni runs a team called "Team Rainbow Rocket", and tried to take over the Alola region and the world by bringing a version of every evil team leader that succeeded in their own universes. However, he was thwarted by the player (Elio or Selene), so he decided to try to conquer a different universe instead.

Giovanni's mother is former Team Rocket Leader Madame Boss, and is the father of Silver.

Operation Tempest

Giovanni arrived in East Isshu to kick off the final stage of Operation Tempest. The mission was to use Meloetta to unlock the Reveal Glass in a temple that disappeared in the sea which was never again to be found. The Rocket Gang was able to find that temple, capture Meloetta and unlock the Reveal Glass and attempted to conquer the entire Isshu region.

The Reveal Glass was operated by Giovanni who used it to summon Landlos, Tornelos and Voltolos. He was not able to control them for long as Ash Ketchum and his friends intervened and stopped him from controlling the trio. The mirror somehow affected Giovanni but Jessie, James and Meowth got Giovanni away from the main centerpiece on the floor which stopped the control over Giovanni as he was attempting to destroy the Isshu region, not conquer it. After his ambitions were prevented., he then decided to return to the Rocket Gang headquarters in the Kanto region.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Giovanni's Cloyster
  • Japan サカキのパルシェン
  • Japan Sakaki no Parshen
  • Japan Sakaki's Parshen
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Giovanni's Golem
  • Japan サカキのゴローニャ
  • Japan Sakaki no Golonya
  • Japan Sakaki's Golonya
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Giovanni's Kingler
  • Japan サカキのキングラー
  • Japan Sakaki no Kingler
  • Japan Sakaki's Kingler
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Giovanni's Machamp
  • Japan サカキのカイリキー
  • Japan Sakaki no Kairiky
  • Japan Sakaki's Kairiky
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Giovanni's Mewtwo
  • Japan サカキのミュウツー
  • Japan Sakaki no Mewtwo
  • Japan Sakaki's Mewtwo
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Giovanni's Nidoking
  • Japan サカキのニドキング
  • Japan Sakaki no Nidoking
  • Japan Sakaki's Nidoking
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Giovanni's Nidoqueen
  • Japan サカキのニドクイン
  • Japan Sakaki no Nidoqueen
  • Japan Sakaki's Nidoqueen
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Giovanni's Persian
  • Japan サカキのペルシアン
  • Japan Sakaki no Persian
  • Japan Sakaki's Persian
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Giovanni's Rhydon
  • Japan サカキのサイドン
  • Japan Sakaki no Sidon
  • Japan Sakaki's Sidon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Giovanni's Rhyhorn
  • Japan サカキのサイホーン
  • Japan Sakaki no Sihorn
  • Japan Sakaki's Sihorn
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Giovanni's Sandslash
  • Japan サカキのサンドパン
  • Japan Sakaki no Sandpan
  • Japan Sakaki's Sandpan