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Pokémon All-Stars: Wobbuffet

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Audio Tracks:   English
Publisher:  Magna Pacific
Catalog #:  13427
Release Date:  2010-07-01
Aspect Ratio:  4:3
Region Code:  
Video Format:  PAL
Storage Medium:  DVD5
Closed Captions?:  No
Rental Only?:  No


Meet Wobbuffet, a patient type of Pokémon that chooses to endure attacks except when its tail is attacked. Wobbuffet's trainer is Jessie who ended up with the Pokémon by accident. With its curious nature Wobbuffet can be distracting at times, but Jessie secretly cares about it.


Episode List
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  •   Sonansu and the Pokémon Trade Meet!!
  •   ソーナンスとポケモンこうかんかい!!
  •   Tricks of the Trade
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  •   Village of the Sonansu!?
  •   ソーナンスのむら!?
  •   Wobbu-Palooza
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  •   Sonansu! That's Right?
  •   ソーナンス!そうなんす?
  •   The Wayward Wobbuffet
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  •   Sohnano!? Gym Badges and Sonansu!!
  •   ソーナノ!?ジムバッジとソーナンス!!
  •   Why? Wynaut