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  • United States Tricks of the Trade
  • Japan ソーナンスとポケモンこうかんかい!!
  • Japan Sonansu to Pokémon kōkankai!!
  • Japan Sonansu and the Pokémon Trade Meet!!
  • Germany Die Pokémon-Tauschbörse
  • France Échanges et mélanges
  • Spain Engaños en el intercambio
  • Italy I trucchi del mestiere
  • Mexico Bazar de cambio
  • Taiwan 果然翁與神奇寶貝交換大會
  • Poland Handlowe sztuczki
  • Netherlands De kneepjes van het vak
  • Brazil Os Truques do Negócio!
  • Israel ?רוצה להתחלף
  • Czechia Výměnný bazar
  • Portugal Truques do Ofício


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OP/ED List

Japan OP OK!
Exciting Pokémon Relay
포켓몬 Forever
Pokémon Forever
좋은 친구들
Good Friends
Pokémon Roll Call
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Japan 三間雅文 (Masafumi Mima) Voice Director

Japan 松本梨香 (Rica Matsumoto) Satoshi
Japan 大谷育江 (Ikue Ōtani) Satoshi's Pikachu
Japan 飯塚雅弓 (Mayumi Iizuka) Kasumi
Japan 上田祐司 (Yūji Ueda) Takeshi
Japan 林原めぐみ (Megumi Hayashibara) Musashi
Japan 三木眞一郎 (Shin-ichiro Miki) Kojiro
Japan 犬山イヌコ (Inuko Inuyama) Nyarth
Japan 石塚運昇 (Unshō Ishizuka) Narration
Japan 遊佐浩二 (Kōji Yusa) Mitsuji

Recording Studio
Aoi Studio
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United States Jim Malone Voice Director
United States Eric Stuart Voice Director
United States Jason Bergenfeld Voice Director

United States Veronica Taylor Ash Ketchum
United States Veronica Taylor Woman (Pink Shirt)
United States Veronica Taylor Kid (Light Blue Shirt)
United States Rachael Lillis Misty
United States Rachael Lillis Jessie
United States Eric Stuart Brock
United States Eric Stuart James
United States Eric Stuart Magikarp Salesman
United States Eric Stuart Brock's Pineco
United States Eric Stuart Voltorb
United States Eric Stuart Scizor
United States Eric Stuart Scyther
United States Eric Stuart Dexter
United States Eric Stuart Onix's Trainer
United States Maddie Blaustein Meowth
United States Maddie Blaustein Farfetch'd
United States Maddie Blaustein Magikarp
United States Maddie Blaustein Trade Master
United States Rodger Parsons Narrator
United States Amy Birnbaum Marill's Trainer
United States Amy Birnbaum Kid (Red Vest)
United States Amy Birnbaum Kid (Purple Shirt)
United States Amy Birnbaum Kid (White Shirt)
United States Stuart Zagnit Professor Samuel Oak
United States Tara Jayne Sands Oddish
United States Michael Haigney Primeape
United States Ted Lewis Fernando
United States Ted Lewis Announcer
United States Ted Lewis Male Traders
United States Kayzie Rogers Benny's Wobbuffet
United States Kayzie Rogers Jessie's Wobbuffet
United States Kayzie Rogers Benny
United States Kayzie Rogers Bellsprout
United States Kayzie Rogers Hoppip
United States Kayzie Rogers Sentret's Trainer
United States James Carter Cathcart Madame Muchmoney's Snubbull
United States Michael Haigney Raticate
United States Michael Haigney Jessie's Lickitung
United States Michael Haigney Benny's Lickitung

Recording Studio
TAJ Productions
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Episode Director
Animation Director
Ash and co. are continuing their way towards Goldenrod City. Then they see a trainer giving some good advice to his Pokémon. Ash wonders what the Pokémon is. Ash looks up the Pokémon in his Pokédex and finds out that it is a Wobbuffet. Ash thinks Wobbuffet is a great Pokémon. Ash, Misty, and Brock introduce themselves to the trainer, who's name is Benny. Benny tells them that he is trying to get his Wobbuffet to look the best it can because he is taking Wobbuffet to the Pokémon Swap Meet. Ash and co. ask what the Pokémon Swap Meet is. Benny tells them that every year the Pokémon Swap Meet takes place. In the event, you trade Pokémon with other trainers. Misty asks Benny why he would trade away Wobbuffet. Benny says that he wants to train a new Pokémon. Benny is willing to take Ash and co. to the event.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is busy cleaning up. James is watering his Victreebel, and Jessie cleans up her face. Then Lickitung licks Jessie's face again, and Jessie gets angry at Lickitung. Meowth tells Jessie and James that there's a Pokémon Swap Meet nearby. They plan to steal all the Pokémon in the event.

When Ash and co. arrive at the Pokémon Swap Meet, Ash notices that the event is like a big festival. Suddenly, a Tauros stampede rushes through town. Ash and co. notice that everyone is excited over the Tauros. A guy tells Brock that anyone who is brave enough to touch the horn of a Tauros gets an award from the mayor. Ash wants to try it. However, when the Tauros get closer to him, Ash chickens out. The Tauros run into a stadium where a competition takes place. Two Tauros battle each other. The trainer with the stronger Tauros wins. Ash wants to battle, too. He runs to a phone and calls Professor Oak. Ash explains his situation, and he wants Professor Oak to trade Tauros over. Ash decides to trade Heracross over to Professor Oak, so that Professor Oak can observe Heracross more. Ash and Professor Oak make the trade, and then Ash rushes into the stadium.

The trainer agrees to battle Ash. Ash sends out his Tauros. The battle begins. Both Tauros start off with Take Down. They go head on. Benny sees Ash battling on the TV screen. Jessie and James are busy selling snacks. When they pass each other, they tell each other the Pokémon they spot. Ash's Tauros and the trainer's Tauros continue to go head on. Then with a little more might, Ash's Tauros pushes the trainer's Tauros into the air and defeats it.

After the battle, Ash and co. begin to walk around in the event. They notice that the trainers are bragging about their Pokémon while trading them. Brock thinks that bragging is okay since the trainers all put a lot of effort into training their Pokémon. Two trainers just traded their Marill and Ledyba. Benny walks around with his Wobbuffet. He wants to trade Wobbuffet for Ash's Tauros. He sees Ash. A few trainers go up to Ash and congratulate him for his win with Tauros. Then they all want to trade their Pokémon for Ash's Tauros, but Ash refuses to trade. Benny finds a trainer with a Scyther and asks to trade, but the trainer declines. Benny sighs because trading Wobbuffet may be challenging. Ash and co. meet up with Benny. Benny tells them that it may be hard to convince someone to trade with him. Ash and co. agree to help Benny find a trainer that will be willing to trade with him.

Meanwhile, Jessie and James are dressed in disguise. Next to them is a super-swapping machine. They announce to everyone that their machine trades Pokémon, and as a bonus the Pokémon will be raised one level. Everyone is crazy over Team Rocket's machine. Two trainers place their Pokéballs in the slots, and they are swapped with each other. The trainers don't know that Meowth is in the machine. Meowth is taking the trainer's Pokémon while exchanging it for empty Pokéballs.

Misty walks around looking for a trainer that Benny can trade with. Psyduck pops out of its Pokéball again. A few trainers walk up to Misty. They all want to trade for Misty's Psyduck. Misty runs away from them and thinks that Psyduck may be worth something after all. Ash finds a trainer with a Sentret and asks her if she would like to trade it for Wobbuffet. The trainer thinks Wobbuffet is a joke and walks away. Then Brock finds a trainer with a Stantler. The trainer does agree to trade his Stantler for Wobbuffet, and they head towards the exchange machine.

James a sack full of money in his hand from all the snacks he sold. The Magikarp man signals James to come over. He offers his Magikarp to James. He tells James that Magikarp can breed a lot of eggs, and he would be rich. James remembers the same man from the St. Anne. The Magikarp man realizes this. He steals James' money, and he begins to run away. James chases after the man. Benny and the other trainer are about to make the exchange, when the trainer sees another trainer with a Hoothoot. The trainer changes his mind about trading with Benny, and he runs off. While running, James knocks into Jessie. Jessie flies into the air and lands next to the exchange machine. One of Jessie's Pokéballs lands in the machine, and her Pokéball and Benny's Pokéball are swapped. Jessie takes the Pokéball back, thinking that it's hers, and she runs off to catch up with James.

Jessie finally catches up with James. Seconds later, Meowth runs up to them and tells them that there's word out that their exchange machine is a fake. Team Rocket looks around, and they see people glaring at them. All the trainers demand their Pokémon back. Team Rocket says their motto. The Pokéballs rest in a bag in Team Rocket's balloon. Ash and co. see Team Rocket. They demand that Team Rocket gives all the Pokéballs back. Team Rocket refuses to do so. Meowth presses a button on his remote. A rope shoots out and ties all the trainers together. Then James activates a vacuum. A vacuum from inside the balloon begins to suck up the rest of the trainers' Pokéballs. Ash gets an idea. He tells everyone to send out their Tauros. When all the Tauros are sent out, they use Take Down on Team Rocket. Team Rocket flies into their balloon. The bag of Pokéballs drops to the ground, and Team Rocket is sent flying. Scyther cuts the rope, freeing everyone. When everyone gets their Pokéballs, they notice that they are all empty. This means that Team Rocket still has the real Pokéballs.

Team Rocket has landed in the middle of a forest. They stare at the bag containing the real Pokéballs. They tell themselves that their plan has been a success. Suddenly, Ash and co. run up to Team Rocket. Jessie sends out Lickitung, and Ash sends out Chikorita. However, when Jessie's Pokémon comes out, it is a Wobbuffet. Jessie realizes that her Lickitung must've been traded when the Pokéball was knocked into the exchange machine. Jessie tells Wobbuffet to attack Ash and co. James looks in a book and reads that a Wobbuffet is a patient Pokémon, and it can't do any initiative attacks.

Chikorita starts off with Vine Whip. It successfully hits Wobbuffet, but Wobbuffet is still standing. Jessie reads the book and finds an attack that Wobbuffet can do. Chikorita uses Vine Whip again. Jessie calls out for a Counter attack. Wobbuffet's body glows, and it sends the vines back at Chikorita. Chikorita then uses Razor Leaf. Wobbuffet uses Counter once again, and the attack is sent back at Chikorita. Team Rocket is cheering for their victory. With Chikorita knocked out, Ash returns Chikorita back into its Pokéball. Pikachu is then sent into battle. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt on Team Rocket. Wobbuffet tries to Counter the attack, but the Thunderbolt is too strong, and it hits Team Rocket. Team Rocket blasts off again.

Ash and co. bring the bag of Pokéballs back to the trainers. The trainers finally receive their Pokéballs back. They thank Ash and leave. Benny runs up to Ash and co. Ash and co. finds out that Benny has a Lickitung. Benny tells them that he ended up trading with a lady with long hair and glasses. Benny wants to thank the lady, but she happened to leave. Benny shouts out, thanking the lady for trading with him. He hopes that she will take care of Wobbuffet, as he will take good care of Lickitung. Meanwhile, at night Team Rocket is hanging from a tree branch. They tell Wobbuffet that it is part of the team, and that they will eventually beat Ash and co. and capture Pikachu.

English Official Summary

At the Pokémon Swap Meet, our heroes befriend a young Pokémon trainer who's having difficulties finding a trading partner willing to accept his Wobbuffet. When Jessie inadvertently deposits her Poké Ball across from his in the exchanger, this young trainer gets more than he had bargained for.

Italian Official Summary

Alla fiera dei baratti Pokémon, i nostri eroi incontrano un giovane Allenatore che non trova nessuno con cui scambiare il suo Wobbuffet. Anche il Team Rocket sta cercando delle occasioni di scambio… che sorprese li attendono?

Portuguese Official Summary

Num festival anual de trocas Pokémon, um jovem treinador quer trocar o seu Wobbuffet. O trio da Equipe Rocket também está em busca de oportunidades, mas ambos os lados conseguem mais do que eles esperavam!

Spanish Latin America Official Summary

En un festival anual de intercambio Pokémon, un joven Entrenador busca un buen cambio por su Wobbuffet. El trío del Equipo Rocket también busca oportunidades, pero ambos grupos de Entrenadores obtienen más de lo que pidieron.

Spanish Official Summary

En la Reunión de Intercambio Pokémon, nuestros héroes se hacen amigos de un joven Entrenador Pokémon que tiene dificultades para encontrar un socio comercial que quiera aceptar su Wobbuffet.

English Great Britian Official Summary

At the Pokémon Swap Meet, our heroes befriend a young Pokémon trainer who's having difficulties finding a trading partner willing to accept his Wobbuffet. When Jessie inadvertently deposits her Poké Ball across from his in the exchanger, this young trainer gets more than he had bargained for.

Dutch Official Summary

Bij het jaarlijkse Pokémon ruil festival, zoekt een jonge Trainer naar een goede ruil voor zijn Wobbuffet. Het Team Rocket trio is ook op zoek, maar beide Trainers krijgen meer dan waar ze op gerekend hadden!

French Official Summary

À la Bourse d'échange Pokémon, nos héros se lient d'amitié avec un jeune Dresseur Pokémon qui a du mal à trouver quelqu'un intéressé à échanger son Qulbutoké.

German Official Summary

Auf der Pokémon-Tauschbörse freunden unsere Helden sich mit einem jungen Pokémon-Trainer an, der niemanden findet, der gegen sein Woingenau tauschen möchte.


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Pikachu
  • Japan サトシのピカチュウ
  • Japan Satoshi no Pikachu
  • Japan Satoshi's Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Misty
  • Japan カスミ
  • Japan Kasumi
  • Japan Kasumi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Brock
  • Japan タケシ
  • Japan Takeshi
  • Japan Takeshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Misty's Togepi
  • Japan カスミのトゲピー
  • Japan Kasumi no Togepi
  • Japan Kasumi's Togepi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Professor Samuel Oak
  • Japan オーキド ユキナリ博士
  • Japan Yukinari Okido-hakase
  • Japan Professor Yukinari Okido
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Tauros
  • Japan サトシのケンタロス
  • Japan Satoshi no Kentauros
  • Japan Satoshi's Kentauros
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Magikarp Salesman
  • Japan コイキング売り
  • Japan Koiking Uri
  • Japan Koiking Salesman
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Chikorita
  • Japan サトシのチコリータ
  • Japan Satoshi no Chicorita
  • Japan Satoshi's Chicorita
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Misty's Psyduck
  • Japan カスミのコダック
  • Japan Kasumi no Koduck
  • Japan Kasumi's Koduck
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie's Wobbuffet
  • Japan ムサシのソーナンス
  • Japan Musashi no Sonansu
  • Japan Musashi's Sonansu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie's Lickitung
  • Japan ムサシのベロリンガ
  • Japan Musashi no Beroringa
  • Japan Musashi's Beroringa
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James' Victreebel
  • Japan コジロウのウツボット
  • Japan Kojirō no Utsubot
  • Japan Kojiro's Utsubot
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Madame Muchmoney's Snubbull
  • Japan カネヨのブルー
  • Japan Kaneyo no Bulu
  • Japan Kaneyo's Bulu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Benny
  • Japan テル
  • Japan Teru
  • Japan Teru
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Benny's Wobbuffet
  • Japan テルのソーナンス
  • Japan Teru no Sonansu
  • Japan Teru's Sonansu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Benny's Lickitung
  • Japan テルのベロリンガ
  • Japan Teru no Beroringa
  • Japan Teru's Beroringa
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Fernando
  • Japan ミツジ
  • Japan Mitsuji
  • Japan Mitsuji
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Fernando's Tauros
  • Japan ミツジのケンタロス
  • Japan Mitsuji no Kentauros
  • Japan Mitsuji's Kentauros

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Butterfree
  • Japan バタフリー
  • Japan Butterfree
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Raticate
  • Japan ラッタ
  • Japan Ratta
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Raichu
  • Japan ライチュウ
  • Japan Raichu
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Sandslash
  • Japan サンドパン
  • Japan Sandpan
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Wigglytuff
  • Japan プクリン
  • Japan Pukurin
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Oddish
  • Japan ナゾノクサ
  • Japan Nazonokusa
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Venonat
  • Japan コンパン
  • Japan Kongpang
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Mankey
  • Japan マンキー
  • Japan Mankey
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Machoke
  • Japan ゴーリキー
  • Japan Goriky
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Bellsprout
  • Japan マダツボミ
  • Japan Madatsubomi
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Golem
  • Japan ゴローニャ
  • Japan Golonya
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Slowpoke
  • Japan ヤドン
  • Japan Yadon
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Farfetch'd
  • Japan カモネギ
  • Japan Kamonegi
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Doduo
  • Japan ドードー
  • Japan Dodo
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Drowzee
  • Japan スリープ
  • Japan Sleep
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Krabby
  • Japan クラブ
  • Japan Crab
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Voltorb
  • Japan ビリリダマ
  • Japan Biriridama
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Exeggutor
  • Japan ナッシー
  • Japan Nassy
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Rhyhorn
  • Japan サイホーン
  • Japan Sihorn
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Chansey
  • Japan ラッキー
  • Japan Lucky
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Starmie
  • Japan スターミー
  • Japan Starmie
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Scyther
  • Japan ストライク
  • Japan Strike
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Tauros
  • Japan ケンタロス
  • Japan Kentauros
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Magikarp
  • Japan コイキング
  • Japan Koiking
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Sentret
  • Japan オタチ
  • Japan Otachi
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Hoothoot
  • Japan ホーホー
  • Japan Hoho
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Ledyba
  • Japan レディバ
  • Japan Ledyba
  • Japan Ledyba
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Mareep
  • Japan メリープ
  • Japan Merriep
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Bellossom
  • Japan キレイハナ
  • Japan Kireihana
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Marill
  • Japan マリル
  • Japan Maril
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Hoppip
  • Japan ハネッコ
  • Japan Hanecco
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Sunflora
  • Japan キマワリ
  • Japan Kimawari
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Quagsire
  • Japan ヌオー
  • Japan Nuoh
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Pineco
  • Japan クヌギダマ
  • Japan Kunugidama
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Gligar
  • Japan グライガー
  • Japan Gliger
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Scizor
  • Japan ハッサム
  • Japan Hassam
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Donphan
  • Japan ドンファン
  • Japan Donfan
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Stantler
  • Japan オドシシ
  • Japan Odoshishi
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Blissey
  • Japan ハピナス
  • Japan Happinas

Script Error

The locations that Ash and his friends passed through is different between the Japanese original and the English dub. In the Japanese original, the narrator said they passed through the Ubame Forest and are currently in Leaf Town for the episode. The English dub narrator says nothing about the Ubame Forest (Ilex Forest ウバメの森).

English dub Narrator: Today they are passing through the seaside city of Palmpona.
Japanese Narrator: Having also passed through the Ubame Forest, their next goal is the Kogane Gym in Kogane City.
(ナレーター): ウバメの森も越えて次なる目的地は コガネシティのコガネジム


Script Error

After hearing the Zukan call Sonansu the patient Pokémon, Satoshi asks the rhetorical question that its a patient Pokémon. Ash in the English dub says it looks like a great Pokémon.

Ash: Hello Wobbuffet. You look like a great Pokémon.
Satoshi: Wow, so this is a patient Pokémon?
(サトシ): へぇ コイツ がまんポケモンなんだ。

Script Error

Satoshi and Kasumi do not directly ask Teru to take them to the swap meet like Ash and Misty do in the English dub. They do end up walking together there though. Satoshi comments about how nice it is to be able to raise a Pokémon that suits the person. Kasumi then wishes Teru good luck in trading his Sonansu which he thanks them for their complements.

Character English Translation Japanese
Ash I'd sure like to see what goes on at this Pokémon swap meet. It's nice to be able to raise Pokémon that suit you. 気に入ったポケモンと交換できるといいね。
Misty Could you take us? Good luck. がんばってね。
Benny I'm heading over there right now! Thank you very much. はい ありがとうございます。


Script Error

In the Japanese original, Nyarth accidentally says the wrong word and mixes up 'News' with 'Nyarth' which he quickly corrects. The English dub does not make Meowth have a speech mistake which kind of defeats the purpose of it shaking its head in the animation.

Meowth: Hey guys, listen up! Our troubles are over.
Nyarth: Big Nyarth! Big Nyarth! I mean, big news!
(ニャース): ビッグニャース ビッグニャース! いや ビッグニュースニャ!


Script Error

Satoshi and friends were on the outskirts of town when they met Teru and had now walked into the downtown section of Leaf Town. Satoshi was taking in the sights when he once again asked a rhetorical question/statement about Leaf Town. Ash in the English dub comments about the festival instead of Palmpona.

Ash: Wow! It's like a big festival.
Satoshi: So this is Leaf Town?
(サトシ): ここがリーフタウンか。


Script Error

The Kentauros Guy in the English dub says the mayor will give a trophy to the person who touches the horn of a Kentauros but in the Japanese original he just says they will be hailed for their bravery.

Tauros Guy: Anybody who's brave enough to touch the horn of a Tauros as they run through town gets a big trophy presented by the mayor.
Kentauros Guy Translation: Those who manage to touch the horn of a Kentauros will be hailed by all for their bravery!
Kentauros Guy: ケンタロスの角に触ることのできたものが勇気あるものとしてみんなから称えられるんだ!


Script Error

Reference to the festival is removed in the English dub and Misty's thoughts toward the Tauros Guy is more of suicidal tendencies rather than Kausmi's who thinks its more an act of bravery.

Misty: That guy must be crazy.
Kasumi: Huh, quite the daring festival.
(カスミ): ひえ~ 豪快なお祭り。


Script Error

The English dub rewrites a very critical line in the episode as Teru watches Satoshi's Kentauros battle, he comments to Sonansu that Satoshi's Kentauros is strong. That line is the reason why Teru soon after decides to ask Satoshi if he'd be willing to trade his Kentauros for Sonansu. The English dub needlessly rewrites Benny's line to have Benny comment about how Ash looks on TV.

Benny: He looks the same in person as he does on TV.
Teru: His Kentauros is really strong.
(テル): サトシさんのケンタロス 強いんだな。


Script Error

The English dub needlessly changes the foods they are distributing especially when 'Juice' (ジュース) and 'caramel' (キャラメル) are already in English in the Japanese original. The English dub also feels the need to toss in the Japanese word "bento", meaning a packaged meal, for some silly reason.

Character English Translation Japanese
Jessie Get your ice cold soda, snow cone, sushi on a stick! Anyone want caramel wafers or juice? え~ おせんにキャラメルジュースはいかがですか?
James Hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, bento box lunches! How about sandwich boxes or tea? あ~ 弁当にサンドイッチお茶などいかがですか?
Rockets How's business? Anyone? いかがですか?


Script Error

A guy in the Japanese original wants to trade his Nidoking for Satoshi's Kentauros. That same guy in the English dub wants to trade a Nidoqueen instead.

English dub: This Nidoqueen is super awesome!
Japanese Translation: No, for my Nidoking!
Japanese: いや オレのニドキングと!

Script Error

Benny in the English dub for some reason assumes that Ash won't trade any of his Pokémon because he won't trade his Tauros which was just victorious in the battle tournament. In the Japanese original, Teru just realizes that asking Satoshi to trade his Kentauros for his Sonansu was pointless now. There was no notion of Satoshi not trading at all.

Benny: I bet Ash is going to hang onto all his Pokémon.
Teru: I see, so he's not trading Kentauros.
(テル): そうかケンタロスは交換しないのか。


Script Error

Kasumi in the Japanese original is surprised when people think her Koduck looks like its a philosopher. Misty on the other hand is surprised when one of the trainers comments on her Psyduck's brain as he thought it seemed smart. Misty is surprised though that Psyduck as a species have a brain.

It's unclear why she referred to the Psyduck species instead of her own Psyduck which would have made more sense. It seems unlikely that Misty would think Psyduck don't have a brain. "Psyduck has a brain?!" or "My Psyduck has a brain?!" seems to be what was intended for her line in the English dub.

Misty: Psyduck have a brain?!
Kasumi: Philosopher?!
(カスミ): 哲学的!?


Script Error

While trying to trade Sonansu, Satoshi calls Teru's Sonansu the greatest Sonansu in the world while trying to convince trainers to trade for it. Ash in the English dub doesn't go quite as far as Satoshi did with his pitch and acts more like a used car salesman.

Ash: It's got very responsive handling!
Satoshi: It's the greatest Sonansu in the world!
(サトシ): 最高のソーナンスなんです!


Script Error

In the Japanese original, the Koiking Salesman raises his price after he bundles the extras. In the English dub, the Magikarp salesman lowers his price. The Koiking Salesman also bundles a fish bowl instead of the Magikarp Magic Chow.

Magikarp Salesman: I normally charge 500 dollars per Magikarp but for you I'll throw in the egg-laying kit, the training manual, and a 30 day supply of Magikarp Magic Chow for an amazing low 300 dollars!
Koiking Salesman: Normally I charge 10 000 yen, but I'll throw in this Koiking egg-laying set, this child care set, this special education set and this smart little fish bowl for only 30 000 yen! How's that?
(コイキング売り): 普通なら 1万円のところこのコイキング産卵セット 育児セット英才教育セット オシャレ小鉢をつけてなんと 3万円でどうだ?


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Nyarth in the Japanese version specifically states the rope has a name and model number. Meowth in the English dub just jokes about them being tied up.

Meowth: We'd love to talk this over will all ya but you're obviously a little tied up at the moment.
Nyarth: This is the Self-Tying Rope ver. Ribbon Knot 3!
(ニャース): 自動縛りロープ改良型リボン結び3号だニャ!


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Despite being classified as a special attack in the Generation II games, due to being a Grass type move, Chicorita's Vine Whip was effectively countered by Sonansu's Counter (a move that only counters physical attacks). The same thing happened with Chicorita's Razor Leaf attack in 19:18 as well.

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Benny's description of Jessie is different than Teru's in the Japanese original.

Benny: I traded with a lady who had glasses and long hair. I want to find her and thank her for trading with me before she leaves town.
Teru: I traded with a lady in a white gown and I wanted to find her and offer her my gratitude.
(テル): それで交換してくれた白衣のお姉さんにひと言 お礼を言おうと思って探しているんですけど見ませんでした?


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Kasumi has a new found fondness of her Koduck and realizes she'd be sad if or when she parted ways with it. Misty in the English dub talks about Benny's Lickitung instead and doesn't reference her Psyduck.

Misty: I know Benny's happy with Lickitung but bet he'll miss Wobbuffet too.
Kasumi: I'm sure I will cry the day I part from Koduck, too.
(カスミ): 私も コダックと別れるときは泣いたりするのかな。


Who's that Pokémon Johto Journeys


Who's that Pokémon Dare da


Okido Segment Pokémon Lecture

Pokémon Lecture & Senryu
Pokémon Barrierd (バリヤード)
Japanese バリヤード バリヤーうります バリヤーどう?

Episode Music Regions
Music Player

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:00 OK!
Japanese (Romanized): OK!
Japanese (TL): OK!
Opening Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 01:54 1997-1998-M52 Title Card Kanto Title Card
Japan 02:02 1999-2001-M12 Today's Johto Pokemon Curiosity Satoshi looks up Sonansu on his Zukan.
Japan 03:46 Movie 1 Short - Grass Pokémon Eyecatch The Bulu sniffs Nyarth's smell.
Japan 04:04 1999-2001-M35 38ばんどうろ
Japanese (Romanized): 38-ban dōro
Japanese (TL): Route 38
The Running of the Kentauros.
Japan 06:29 1997-1998-M30 大混戦
Japanese (Romanized): Daikonsen
Japanese (TL): Chaos
Satoshi's battle against Mitsuji starts.
Japan 07:43 1999-2001-M01 29ばんどうろ
Japanese (Romanized): 29-ban dōro
Japanese (TL): Route 29
Satoshi and co. arrive at the Pokémon trade meet.
Japan 09:49 トケット団七変化
Japanese (Romanized): Rocket-dan Shichi Henge
Japanese (TL): The Rocket Gang's Seven Transformations
A disguised Rocket Gang shows off their "trade" machine.
Japan 10:44 1997-1998-M53 Eyecatch A Dare da?
Japan 10:51 1997-1998-M54 Eyecatch B Sonansu!
Japan 10:56 1999-2001-M11 Golden Silver Satoshi and co. along with Teru are searching for someone to trade Sonansu with.
Japan 12:39 1997-1998-M66 Goofball Alert The Koiking salesman tries to persuade Kojiro to buy his Koiking.
Japan 13:41 1999-2001-M22 視線!ロケット団
Japanese (Romanized): Shisen! Rocket-dan
Japanese (TL): Eye Contact! Rocket Gang
Kojiro starts chasing the Koiking salesman.
Japan 14:07 1997-1998-M67 Wreakin' Havoc Kojiro is chasing after the Koiking salesman.
Japan 15:01 1997-1998-M20 なんだかんだと聞かれたら…
Japanese (Romanized): Nandakanda to Kikaretara…
Japanese (TL): If You Ask Us About Whatever…
The Rocket Gang's fake machine is exposed.
Japan 15:45 1997-1998-M15 襲撃!
Japanese (Romanized): Shūgeki!
Japanese (TL): Attack!
Nyarth uses the Self-Tying Rope ver. Ribbon Knot 3 to stop everyone.
Japan 17:00 1999-2001-M25 Imminent Danger Everyone realizes that the monster balls are fake.
Japan 17:45 1997-1998-M56 戦い(VSトレーナー)
Japanese (Romanized): Tatakai (VS Trainer)
Japanese (TL): Battle (VS Trainer)
Satoshi and co. engage in a battle against the Rocket Gang.
Japan 18:35 1997-1998-M57B ポケモンジム
Japanese (Romanized): Pokémon Gym
Japanese (TL): Pokémon Gym
The battle rages on.
Japan 19:58 1999-2001-M05 エンジュシティ
Japanese (Romanized): Enju City
Japanese (TL): Enju City
End of the episode.
Japan 21:33 Movie 1 Short - Yadon Eyecatch Rocket Gang are hanging on a branch of a cliff with Sonansu.
Japan 21:44 ポケモンはらはらリレー
Japanese (Romanized): Pokémon Harahara Relay
Japanese (TL): Pokémon Nervous Relay
Ending Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 23:06 1997-1998-M33A Professor Okido's Pokémon Lectures Professor Okido's Pokémon Lecture
Japan 23:10 1997-1998-M18B トキワへの道‐マサラより
Japanese (Romanized): Tokiwa e no michi - Masara yori
Japanese (TL): The Road to Tokiwa - From Masara
Okido explains the characteristics of Barrierd.
Japan 23:54 Okido's Senryū Theme Okido recites a Senryū.
Japan 24:05 Mezase Pokémon Master Instrumental Johto Episode 31 preview

Dub Music:

Time Track Notes
United States 00:00 Pokémon Johto Opening Theme for the English Dub
United States 01:30 1997-1998-M52 Title Card Title Card
United States 03:40 1999-2001-M35 38ばんどうろ
Japanese (Romanized): 38-ban dōro
Japanese (TL): Route 38
The Running of the Tauros.
United States 06:06 1997-1998-M30 大混戦
Japanese (Romanized): Daikonsen
Japanese (TL): Chaos
Ash's battle against Fernando starts.
United States 09:26 トケット団七変化
Japanese (Romanized): Rocket-dan Shichi Henge
Japanese (TL): The Rocket Gang's Seven Transformations
A disguised Team Rocket shows off their "trade" machine.
United States 12:16 1997-1998-M66 Goofball Alert The Magikarp salesman tries to persuade James to buy his Magikarp.
United States 13:43 1997-1998-M67 Wreakin' Havoc James is chasing after the Magikarp salesman.
United States 14:37 1997-1998-M20 なんだかんだと聞かれたら…
Japanese (Romanized): Nandakanda to Kikaretara…
Japanese (TL): If You Ask Us About Whatever…
Team Rocket's fake machine is exposed.
United States 15:22 1997-1998-M15 襲撃!
Japanese (Romanized): Shūgeki!
Japanese (TL): Attack!
Meowth uses the Self-Tying Rope ver. Ribbon Knot 3 to stop everyone.
United States 17:21 1997-1998-M56 戦い(VSトレーナー)
Japanese (Romanized): Tatakai (VS Trainer)
Japanese (TL): Battle (VS Trainer)
Ash and co. engage in a battle against Team Rocket.
United States 18:12 1997-1998-M57B ポケモンジム
Japanese (Romanized): Pokémon Gym
Japanese (TL): Pokémon Gym
The battle rages on.
United States 19:35 1999-2001-M05 エンジュシティ
Japanese (Romanized): Enju City
Japanese (TL): Enju City
End of the episode.
United States 21:20 Two Perfect Girls (Swing Version) Pokémon Karaokémon
United States 22:20 Pokémon Johto Ending Theme for the English Dub

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 26
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 14
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The English dub needlessly changes stuff for the millionth, no 10 billionth time! If I had a Magikarp for ever pointless change the English dub did, I'd have a world full. I specifically hate it when they change English used in the Japanese original to something else like they did with the foods.

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This episode reminded me that the Rocket Gang Pokémon never really changed over the course of the 3 main series (Original, Advanced and Diamond). They'd often keep the same for an entire sub-series... especially since they always had at least 4 free slots in both Kojiro AND Musashi's team... I know they're quite incompetent at stealing other people' Pokémon, but that doesn't mean they couldn't some fresh Pokémon another way.