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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (Box Set 3)

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Audio Tracks:   English (USA)
Publisher:  Viz Video
Catalog #:  DPMDPBS3
Release Date:  2009-03-17
Aspect Ratio:  4:3
Region Code:  
Video Format:  NTSC
Storage Medium:  DVD9
Closed Captions?:  No
Rental Only?:  No


Ash, Dawn and Brock continue to collect and train new Pokémon on their travels. Along the way they meet up with Pokémon, friends, and trainers as they continue on their journey. Will Ash and Dawn be able to get their next badge and ribbon?


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Episode List
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  •   四天王ゴヨウとドータクン!
  •   Elite Four Goyō and Dootakun!
  •   An Elite Meet and Greet
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  •   シンオウ時空伝説!
  •   The Shin'ō Space-Time Legend!
  •   A Secret Sphere of Influence
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  •   ハクタイジム!VSナタネ!!
  •   Hakutai Gym! VS Natane!
  •   The Grass Menagerie
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  •   爆誕!サイクリングロード!!
  •   Explosive Birth! Cycling Road!!
  •   One Big Happiny Family
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  •   Pikachu in Charge!
  •   ピカチュウのおるすばん!
  •   Steamboat Willies
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  •   Champion Shirona Appears!!
  •   チャンピオン・シロナ登場!!
  •   Top-Down Training
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  •   Hikari, Nozomi and a Double Performance!!
  •   ヒカリとノゾミとダブルパフォーマンス!!
  •   A Stand-Up Sit-Down
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  •   ラクライ訓練センター!
  •   Rakurai Practice Center!
  •   The Electrike Company
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  •   Mumage! Escape from a Nightmare!!
  •   ムウマージ!悪夢からの脱出!!
  •   Malice in Wonderland
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  •   迷子のヒポポタスを助けろ!
  •   Save the Stray Child Hipopotas!
  •   Mass Hip-Po-Sis
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  •   ハンターJ再び!タテトプスを守れ!!
  •   Hunter J Returns! Protect Tatetops!!
  •   Ill-Will Hunting
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  •   Maze Shuffle! Everyone Hustle!!
  •   迷路でシャッフル!みんなでハッスル!!
  •   A Maze-ing Race
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  •   Miru and Keeshi and the Water's Bottom
  •   ミルとケーシィと水の底!
  •   Sandshrew's Locker
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  •   Pokemon Contest! Yosuga Tournament!!
  •   ポケモンコンテスト!ヨスガ大会!!
  •   Dawn’s Early Night!
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  •   All Members Participate! Tag Battle!!
  •   全員参加!タッグバトル!!
  •   Tag! We're It
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  •   Hikozaru VS Zangoose! Battle of Fate!!
  •   ヒコザルVSザングース!運命のバトル!!
  •   Glory Blaze
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  •   Tag Battle! The Finals!!
  •   タッグバトル!ファイナル!!
  •   Smells Like Team Spirit