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  • Japan 2011-06-05 ポケモンとはなせます!? ポケモンのことばポケモンのきもち! / ポケモンクイズキャラバンに全校生徒が参加! / 視聴者バトルでゴルゴ所長のフリージオが大活躍!?
  • Japan 2011-06-05 Pokémon to hanasemasu!? Pokémon no kotoba Pokémon no kimochi! / Pokémon Quiz Caravan ni zenkō seito ga sanka! / Shichōsha battle de Golgo-shochō no Freegeo ga daikatsuyaku!?
  • Japan 2011-06-05 He Can Talk To Pokémon!? Pokémon's Words, Pokémon's Feelings! / All Students at the School Participate in the Pokémon Quiz Caravan! / Chief Golgo's Freegeo Plays an Important Role in a Television Viewer Battle!?
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